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Grooveshark and Rocket Science Announce Artist Focused Partnership

Los Angeles, CA 
June 22, 2011

Grooveshark and Rocket Science Announce Artist Focused Partnership

Grooveshark, the fastest growing on-demand music service in the world, has partnered with Rocket Science, the premiere label services engine, to identify and provide support to artists who are having noteworthy success on the Grooveshark platform. Combining Grooveshark’s significant user base and promotional capabilities with Rocket Science’s storied history of music marketing, this collaboration is an attempt to provide a case study for artists who are looking for a non-traditional strategy to build their careers.

The partnership leverages the strengths of both partners to champion forward thinking artists. “We aim to provide a road map that artists can follow to achieve success in today’s challenging marketplace” says Kevin Day, owner of Rocket Science. “This is a realistic strategy that delivers measurable results for developing artists and enables them to build a lasting career”.

“We are really excited about mining our data to identify new bands with emerging popularity and working with Rocket Science to further their careers using our own promotional methods as well as Rocket Science’s established ability to bring bands of any kind to market” says Jack DeYoung, Grooveshark’s VP of Label Relations. “We think that any band with an audience deserves an opportunity to compete on a national level and we hope this project helps facilitate that.”

Rocket Science broke ground with their unique service based model that provides a much needed infrastructure and experience to artists at all stages of their career. Since 2004, their services platform has been a flexible solution for artists and labels that need to outsource necessary functions like distribution, marketing, radio promotion and publishing. As more artists are able to thrive outside of the major label infrastructure, Rocket Science has been helping them maximize their efforts and reach new levels of success.

The first artist to benefit from this collaboration is Quiet Company, the Austin, TX based indie rock band. The band was chosen because Grooveshark’s data showed that listeners have been rating the band much higher than similar artists, so they reached out to offer support. “Using listener data to identify breakout artists is an exciting opportunity for us.” says Day. Both companies are energized by the potential of this partnership and that perspective is shared the band. “We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity that Grooveshark and Rocket Science are giving us to promote our new album, We Are All Where We Belong.” Says Quiet Company Manager Paul Osbon “The amount of exposure & attention that they are dedicating to our release is unprecedented and would rival even the best deal a major label could offer us. It is truly a dream partnership & an ideal situation for Quiet Company.”

About Grooveshark
Since 2006, Grooveshark has grown into the largest globally available on-demand music streaming service. With more than 30 million unique monthly visitors and a library of over 7 million songs, Grooveshark provides the ability for users to search and stream music, create and save playlists, as well as upload music to be hosted and shared across the cloud and other devices.

About Rocket Science
Developed in 2004 as a new model solution for artists and management, the Rocket Science mission is to provide a full-service label experience to artists and management in the rapidly evolving digital and physical marketplace. Rocket Science was born out of the explosive growth of artists and management who work outside of the traditional major label model. Rocket Science’s in-house staff provides necessary functions as diverse as art direction and brand development, on line marketing, radio promotion, product management, production, direct to consumer marketing and publishing. Rocket Science Ventures is a division of Rocket Science that allows access to the services platform and adds a distribution path via Sony/ RED married with several release funding options. 

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