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Harnessing the Power of Facebook to Build Interest in Your Band’s Website

So many startup bands have websites that remain unseen. So you might ask yourself “why have a band website?” Well, the answer is that a band website is not a standalone marketing outlet for your band. These days, any band that hopes to be successful needs to fully involve social media in its online marketing plan. One of the best (ok, the best) ways to get your band online is through the use of a Facebook page. Of course, you probably know that. But what you might not know is how you can support your band’s official website (and web store) with a Facebook page. The two mediums can go hand and hand to bring you new fans, and added income.

A website doesn’t really do a band very much good if there is no one visiting it. You can have the most impressive webpage possible, and unless you are actively engaged in promoting it, it is just kind of “there.” The best websites are those that have a clear function. If you have an online store as part of the website, you are already ahead of the curve. The internet offers many intriguing avenues of engaging fans, and the static webpage is just the beginning.

Make your fans feel welcome
The best advice when putting your band online is to primarily focus on gaining interest through social media. You want to attract fans to your shows and buyers to your merchandise without making a blatant sales pitch – ever. Keeping your Facebook page relevant is important. The most advantageous things you can do are to be vital, to make it seem like something is “going on” surrounding your band. Make “Event” pages for you shows, and invite. And make every effort to not seem overtly “salesman” when setting up every aspect of the page. Your fans want to feel invited, connected, and welcomed by your band’s happenings, don’t make them feel like they have to open their purses too much.

Using social media to make sales
So when you drum up interest through regular updates and photos on Facebook, each one can be accompanied by a link to a corresponding product in your web store. This will lead fans and potential fans to your site, and that is the only way you will really be able to get them to explore the site and see what you have to offer.

Setting up a website is, in all likelihood, more time consuming and costly than setting up a Facebook page. But, as we’ve discussed, you can find a balance of benefits. A Facebook page is the best way to draw fans to your website, and ultimately, your web store. This is the name of the game in terms of the independent artist these days. You can make the flashiest, most interesting website ever, but you’ll only be able to get fans to see it with the help of social networking.

Written by guest author Jessica Josh for Wedding Bands Melbourne, who are specialists in Wedding and Event Entertainment.  Follow Jessica on Google.

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