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Internet Radio Is The Future......Duh

On my site called IntoTheMusic.Biz I wrote a little rant about articles I had been reading:

I run across articles with titles like “Internet Radio is the Future”. This cracks me up. Its like writing a book on the fact that the sky is blue.

But, last night, a friend of mine and I were talking about how I’ve never owned a tv. My friend said “how do you get the news then?”. I didn’t know how to respond. I’m not in Orange County anymore and this person is a little older than me, but really?

Here’s some links to articles like this (I hope they’re written by people who live in the jungle):
Internet Radio A Favourable Choice For All Your Favorite Music

Is Internet Radio The Future?

Reader Comments (4)

Sometimes the USA is a very foreign country: 'I’m not in Orange County anymore and this person is a little older than me, but really?'

Translation please, Charles.

November 25 | Registered CommenterTim London

orange county is in southern california and home to anaheim, newport, laguna, huntington, santa ana, etc. Of late TV fame.

November 26 | Unregistered Commentercharles

Thanks Charles - I'm not sure if I'm compounding irony here, but it's not the geography but the relevance I don't understand. Is Orange County famous for being a place where radio and the internet isn't used? The TV reference doesn't help - I don't have a TV either!

November 27 | Registered CommenterTim London

Internet radio is likely to be the future for the consumer. It's not going to be great for the musician or songwriter who creates new music.

Outlets like Pandora are little more that personalized Muzak... One to one specialization. Music in a cocoon. If you can't reach a mass market you are probably missing millions who would love what you do.

Oh, and there's next to mo money for indie creators generated by internet radio. They pay in micro pennies and it that thousands upon thousands of plays to amass a few bucks.

Remember, with one play on terrestrial radio in Los Angeles, you will reach millions of listeners that you will ever reach on Pandora

November 29 | Unregistered CommenterTonsoTunez

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