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Microphone Company Uses Innovative Funding Strategy


We aim to be constantly innovative and using the innovative crowdfunding to fund our newest mic, is perfectly aligned with our believes.

The Danish based REMIC Microphones turns the common way of designing microphones for Classical instruments upside-down. Instead of starting with designing the microphone and then fitting it to the instruments, REMIC has worked the other way around and each microphone is designed on the basic behavior of each instrument group. This way REMIC keeps the instrument in focus, designing tailored microphones for specific instrument groups.

REMIC believes that each instrument is unique and has its own specific needs and it is based on this philosophy that REMIC design its microphones and we just so happens to make the best microphones out there.


New product

REMIC have designed a new microphone, the W3000, for brass- and woodwind instruments. The W3000 microphone is based on a high definition pre-polarized condenser microphone element in conjunction with the PFM™ (Proximity Field Microphone) technology, developed by REMIC Microphones. The basics behind the PFM™ technology are that the sound of an instrument is captured within the nearfield range of the signal source. The microphone element has an omnidirectional polar pattern, which does not cause any phase disturbance, and therefore no coloring to the captured sound.

The microphone is designed to be mounted directly on the bell of the instrument, which enables the microphone to capture the natural overtone register as well as suppressing interference noises. The W3000 is usable at both live performance and in the studio.

Finally, there is an obvious, purely aesthetical advantage to utilizing an instrument microphone from REMIC, as it is not mounted with a clumsy microphone stand or clip. The sheer size and design of the REMIC enables the instrument to present itself with its natural elegance.


But why crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the newest funding strategy for entrepreneurs to reach out and utilize the help from millions of Internet-users.

We want to put the development of new microphones in the hands of artists, sound engineers and everyone with a love for music. It’s all about empowering the musician-to-technician relationship during the development phase, through direct feedback on the crowdfunding platform.

REMIC has a fantastic story to tell. Thorkild Larsen spent thousands of ours developing new techniques and designing microphones in his spare time. He finally decided to make a company out of his passion, teaming up with a few nerdish friends. Together they have developed tailored microphones for instruments such as violin, viola, cello, upright bass and the soon to be launched mic, for brass- and woodwind instruments.

Crowdfunding gives you the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience and “we in REMIC hope that we through crowdfunding can empower even more artists with the freedom to act and the ability to fully express their art”, says Thorkild. The goal is simple “We hope to fund the tools to produce our newest microphone and at the same time improve the overall quality of music and performance.”

The W3000 will be available on January 5th 2016, where it can be bought through REMICs crowdfunding campaign at half price, if you are one the first buyers. To get notified when the campaign goes live, sign up here.



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