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Music Career Ville - The Next App Store Hit? (Try it FREE)

This is a guest post from Chris Rockett at Music Marketing Classroom

Video games 

So today I have something really cool for you…

It’s a free video game called “Music Career Ville”.

When you first play you get a guitar or piano or whatever and then it’s your job to start making killer music everyday.

(To master this game you should focus on shocking people with the awesomeness of your music)

Then when you have some really cool tunes you set up a simple website which is kind of like your shop…

…here’s a special move you can use to get people to your new shop fast.

One of the best ways to “level up” in this game is to create an email list of fans and do everything in your power to entertain them.

Pretty soon you’ll build a clan and some of them may be open to sharing a little bit of their gold with you so that you can create even more cool stuff full time.

You can play Music Career Ville with friends and it’s compatible with Twitter, Facebook, Google + and YouTube.

This game also has other hidden magic powers, like it can make you feel good about yourself and help you fulfill your full potential in life….

…it will mean that on your deathbed you will be able to smile and know that you have left something valuable in the world that people will look back on for years to come and remember you by. Seriously, it’s weird!

So let me ask you this…

Are you going to be a GUITAR HERO and “rock out” with colored plastic buttons forever?

Are you going to spend four hours tonight watching a bunch of American Idols live their cold dead husk of a dream?

…or a bunch of bright orange men and women I call the “Bachelor Bitches” lay themselves out on the line to try and marry (or at least have sex with) an equally idiotic stranger?

Are you going to waste time making some bullshit fake farm or city or life?

Are you going to hurl weird little birds into lovely buildings like a delinquent vandal?

…or are you going to join me in the most fun video game ever invented? … EVER!

You’ll be crap at first because you won’t know the buttons, but if you keep playing for 30 days and don’t give up it will become a habit and you’ll be addicted.

You can’t get this game on the App Store and it don’t work on the Xbox or Playstation 3.

All you need to play is the most basic PC and an internet connection.

It’s up to you…

- Chris

P.S If you enjoyed this and want to learn more check out my free Music Marketing Cheat Sheets.

Image credit: By włodi

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