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Working Class Punks 

Hello, we’re a working class punk band from San Francisco, CA. We’ve been through so many bass players. We’ve played several shows up and down California. I, Johnny Lawrie, have been in countless bands for the past four years in Bay Area. At one point I moved out of my place in SF, took my backpack and guitar, and I hitchhiked up and down highway 1 along the Pacific West Coast. I would play open mics all along the way, passing along my emailing list, and selling cds. I did this from June 26th-November 30th 2013. I was homeless in LA, working at McDonalds 32 hours a week in Santa Monica, and looking for musicians to form a band with. Then, in March 2014, my good friends Adam and Lyndsay took me in to live with them. I’ve had bunch of different jobs since then. I now have steady work at The Battery in downtown San Francisco. My band, and I are constantly playing shows in the Bay Area and beyond. We have so much ambition, and we always leave our hearts on the stage!

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