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Eat, Sleep, Write: 5 Useful Apps For Every Musician/Songwriter

Smartphone apps are truly changing the world. Music apps have been used in music education for some time, but most of them only cover the basics. Instead of just teaching you the basics, there are many apps that can help you find inspiration and facilitate your entire recording process.

To help you write and records more songs, we’ve assembled this list of the 5 most useful apps that every musician needs. It might take some time to get used to utilizing apps to boost your creations, but they’re incredibly helpful in the long run. Add them to your daily writing/recording routine and you will see massive improvements.


This revolutionary app truly changed the music business. However, this change doesn’t just involve music promotion and discovery. Every musician should have Shazam installed on their smartphone for one main reason.

It’s an inspiration, believe it or not. To create great music, you need to guide your inspiration and gather all the sources you need. Oftentimes, a flash of creativity happens when you hear a great song. Use Shazam and find which one it is.

Using complex algorithms, Shazam identifies the song you’re recording. Remember to use it every time you hear something interesting. When you go home or to the studio, you can access your Shazam library and play the songs again.

This gives you an opportunity to study the production techniques, lyrics and acquire valuable examples on how your next hit should look like.

Whether it is a ballad with an unorthodox chord system or an electronic track with great synths, you will forever have this data and the freedom to use. With Shazam, there will be no more “Damn, I want to know what this song is?”. Save your inspirational sources immediately and efficiently.

Various writing tools

In this particular section, let’s cover the music promotion. No matter how good your music is, nobody will get to hear it if you don’t promote it the right way. One of the most important aspects of advertising in the music world is written content.

You have to set the tone for the listeners to “ease into” your songs and understand them better. In this case, you need to use writing tools to create copy and song descriptions for your website.

Online writing services Assignment Masters and Essay Mama are known for providing musicians with event descriptions, bio sections and news updates. These are all elements that are essential to promoting your music and getting people to know your better.

For song descriptions, in particular, you may use UK Essay On Time or Brill Assignment. Essays On Time is another great option, especially for album release campaigns.

We’re living in 2019. You don’t have to do the promotion yourself. Outsource written content so that you can easily focus on creating music. Promotion, albeit important, can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and hinder your recording/songwriting process.

Rhymer’s Block

Rhymes are not an essential part of music anymore, but they do create melodic instances that can impact the song.

During the songwriting process, every writing faces a dilemma about whether they should focus on the crux of the lyrics or making them rhyme. Rhymer’s Block solves all those problems. It doubles as a notepad and an intelligent rhyme suggestion tool.

It marks all your rhyming words, but it’s far from a basic aid. Instead of focusing on the end word, Rhymer’s Block also lets you see internal rhymes, multi-syllable rhymes and other types. This is important for maintaining melody and a steady rhythm using cleverly utilized syntax.

In addition to marking the rhymes, this app also provides you with suggestions for the next rhyme. Each word comes with a definition and examples. If English is not your native language, this a great chance to expand your vocabulary and get working knowledge in language use in music.

Complete Ear Trainer

Not many apps combine theory and exercises as nicely as Complete Ear Trainer does it. A music teaching app and a recording assistant all in one, this app lets you train your ear and analyze different combinations of sounds.

It includes more than 150 drills that get harder and harder as time passes. Don’t worry about the interface - it’s clear, plus the exercises are designed to resemble a video game.

Your scores will be put against other musicians, as you get to compete in reading music and reenacting complex melodies. Add this app to your music practice routine and you will see a change in the way you conceive songs and record them.

Evernote Scannable

Writing down lyrics and notes into a phone can be much slower than taking notes with a pen. While it is easier to write manually, the problem comes when you have to store and re-write your notes.

Handling a thousand different papers at the same time undeniably leads to losing some brilliant lyrics in the process. Don’t allow that to happen - download Evernote Scannable.

This app provides you with a scanner that converts all your written lyrics into text on your phone. Everything you record and write will stay in the app’s cloud storage service. There will be no more worrying about losing something you’ve written.

Concluding thoughts

Each of these apps covers a specific part in the creation process. They provide convenience and immediate access to everything you need to record all the songs that have been floating around in your mind.

As you get used to using these aids, you will find the entire concept of creation much more pleasant. This change in attitude will cause you to be better than ever. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything you desire.

Author bio

Joe McLean is a guitarist, music producer and a college paper writer. His work with Edu Birdie and Ninja Essays helped countless musicians and students understand the theory of music better. When he’s not helping and advising musicians, Joe likes to cook Middle Eastern dishes, study programming and go hiking during weekends.


Eat, Sleep, Write: 5 Useful Apps For Every Musician/Songwriter

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