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Five Of The Best Jobs You Can Get In The Music Industry With A College Degree

What kind of career lies ahead in your future with a degree in music? You may think there aren’t many options, but there is plenty of variety offered in this field of study. Surprisingly, there are quite a few options for those who graduate with a degree in music. Here are five career paths that will have you living your dream within the industry.

Music Arranger

A music arranger is a person whose main role is to arrange the music for a performer, group, conductor, producer or a music director. He or she makes sure that the music is arranged perfectly from the instruments and harmony, all the way down to the beat. It is important a quality arranger has a degree. There is a lot of required knowledge of instruments, music theory and reading and writing of music involved in such a career.

Audio Production

Once you obtain a degree in music, a more detailed career path may be in audio production. This will allow you to produce both live and studio music and design sound for many media outlets. This career can lead you to TV and radio stations and sound studios.

Instrument Builder

There are some technical schools where you can earn a degree in this field. It takes a highly skilled individual to qualify for such a job, which is why having a degree is necessary. One can work for themselves designing instruments or may work in a factory or music store.

Music Therapist

A music therapist uses music within their therapeutic relationships to address the needs of individuals. After assessing the situation, they create a treatment plan to help their patient move forward. This plan may consist of singing, creating and listening to music. It’s a great way to use your degree to help those in need.


A person who studies music is known as a musicologist. They study all aspects of music including the historical and scientific aspects. Many people who follow this career path have a love of the art and are often accomplished musicians. Many work in universities, colleges and libraries.

There are so may opportunities out there for someone who obtains a degree in music. Often times when paired with other degrees, even more opportunities are available. You can pair it with law or education and go on to be an educator or a music business lawyer. Anyone considering a carer in music should pursue an online master’s of music education. If this is a passion, follow it. You will not be disappointed.

Reader Comments (3)

OHoooooo....! this is a nice information for Music job seekers........

December 8 | Unregistered CommenterBrian McMahon

Thanks for all this free advice~

December 14 | Unregistered CommenterUrbanGypsy

Happy to see music therapy represented on this list. I have a degree in music composition, and one in music therapy, and I work as a music therapist. I use music every day to help special needs children. It's a great way to make a living as a musician - far more successful and meaningful than other applications I have tried out.

December 29 | Unregistered CommenterMusic Therapist

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