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High Note: How Musicians Can Be Responsible At Concerts And After Parties

Concerts and after-parties are part of the experience of being in a band and performing for live audiences. The experience could be overwhelming, and the social pressure might cause you to do things that are not healthy or safe. Consider these four ways in which you can take responsibility for your behavior at concerts and parties.

Drink Responsibly

As an adult, it is your privilege to enjoy a beverage that contains alcohol. If you choose to have a drink, be sure to do so responsibly. Know when to stop, or have someone with you who will make you stop. If it is at your band’s after-party, tell the bartenders to cut people off after a certain number of drinks or if they show signs of drunkenness. Have a designated driver with you so that you are not attempted to drive home.

Avoid Driving While High

It is important to avoid driving while high. Driving under the influence of an intoxicating drug could land you in a world of legal trouble that could follow you for a long time. Do not drive to or from a concert or party after using any sort of psychoactive substance. If you do choose to drink or partake in anything while at a concert or party, take a taxi or limousine back to your hotel.

Use a Chaperone at Parties

Consider bringing a responsible person along with you to chaperone you at parties. This person could be a security or body guard or another person with whom you have a lot of trust. This person should run interference for you and stop you from doing anything that you might regret the next day.

Leave Parties Early

While it might be tempting to stay at clubs and parties until the place closes, consider making a brief appearance and leaving early. Stopping in and having one drink or making small talk with the guests allows you to socially connect. Say your hellos and goodbyes to the most important guests at the event. Leaving early allows you to avoid drinking too much or getting into any conflicts.

These tips will help you to protect your personal and band reputation. You can still have plenty of fun as a musician, and these tips make it easier to have fun and be responsible at the same time. Enjoy this great time in your life and surround yourself with people who are concerned about your career and your reputation in music.

High Note: How Musicians Can Be Responsible At Concerts And After Parties

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