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How Piracy Law Affects The Music Business

Piracy laws are widely contested, and it seems that nobody can agree on whether privacy laws actually affect the music business. As a culture, there are good reasons to support the creation of new music. It helps our society grow, and music has always been a part of what makes us human. While the math and sciences teach us about the world, the arts help us to learn to live together and appreciate our world.

Studies Conflicted Over Piracy

Some maintain that you should never pirate music and that piracy prevents the ability for artists to create new music. To be clear, piracy is illegal. It’s a clear and simple violation of copyright and it infringes on the people who own the music that is being created. However, the music industry also uses it to explain their inability to keep up with the times. They use it to explain lackluster sales, blame file-sharing on a lack of interest in physical albums and they believe that an end to piracy would restore the age of music. To date, no unbiased studies have been completed to prove that piracy negatively or positively affects album sales. The European Commission Report and a report by OfCom both showed contradictory viewpoints.

Music and the Brain

Since the case can’t be authoritatively made for or against the merits of piracy, it’s best to focus on why music is important in our culture. It’s been shown that actively playing an instrument has a profound effect on the brain. It builds new neural connections, helps to form pathways in the brain and develops discipline. It also fosters an ability to work with others in a team setting, and it provides a much-needed form of expression that is important for people who want to live healthy lives.

Becoming Better Problem Solvers

Music requires an individual to be able to multi-task. People who are involved in music may do better in fields like public administration. When you get an online master public administration degree, you’re able to push your career forward beyond what would be possible with only a bachelor degree. Music is the ideal hobby for people who want to develop effective communication skills and leadership ability. When you participate in a musical ensemble, you learn to listen to the orchestra around you. This makes you better aware of your environment.

Piracy is a contentious subject, but it’s a crucial subject for the artists creating new music for us to enjoy and learn. Music plays a crucial role in the development of our minds and ability to think creatively. It also can help us think in abstract terms and develop improved spatial reasoning. For this reason alone, the 99 cent song is worth the cost of admission.


How Piracy Law Affects The Music Business

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It might have been helpful to define what you mean by "piracy".

Would have been helpful to define "piracy".

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