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Looking For Something New? Five Ways To Expand Your Musical Interests

There are two different kinds of people when it comes to musical taste. There are those that are open minded and those that seem to listen to just one style of music or even just one particular band. Here are five tips to help you expand your musical listening palate. 

Listen to Entire Albums

Instead of just listening to singles listen to the entire album that your favorite band puts out. They might foray into some musical styles that you have never heard before and spark a curiosity in a new style you haven’t heard before. Also, sometimes your favorite tracks off of a certain album might not necessarily be the single.

Check Out a Local Concert Series

There are many organizations in cities around the United States that have a summer concert series. These programs usually put on a wide variety of musical acts throughout the summer with discounts for those that buy tickets to multiple shows. One great example of this is the Ravinia Festival. Attending one of these festivals can help open your mind to a new music style or band.

Local Music

Go to some local shows in your area. Some of the most unique and diverse bands in America are local. This is because they play music that isn’t mainstream and aren’t limited by commercial goals. If you find a particularly unique local band that you like don’t be afraid to go up to them and ask what they listen to. Musicians love talking about music and sharing their interests with listeners. They might lead you to some other bands you might like. Another advantage to going to local shows is that you are supporting local artists and helping them hone their craft.

Take a Music Appreciation Course

If you are unsure where to start in your quest for new listening material and you are a student a music appreciation course might be right for you. These courses usually go through the history of music and give students a broad overview of music history and different styles. It’s a college music class that you don’t have to be a music major to benefit from.

Learn an Instrument

Learning how to play music and how it works will expand your ear and help you grow your musical horizons. It can never hurt to take a few beginning piano or guitar classes to further your understanding of the art of music. Ask a local music store near you if they give lessons and they should be able to help you get started.

These are just a few of the ways that you can help expand your musical horizons. Go to a concert, learn an instrument, or just take some chances. You never know where it could take you.

Looking For Something New? Five Ways To Expand Your Musical Interests

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