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Rock Out at Your Next Metal Festival With These Wearables

Think you’ve rocked out as hard as you could at a Metallica concert? Think again. Imagine attending without your phone in your hand or being rewarded instantly for banging a little harder. Innovations like smartwatches, smart jewelry and communication apps have begun infiltrating music festivals. Now, they are way less Trekky than Google Glass, and they’re here for the long haul. Here’s how wearable tech will influence the evolution of metal festivals:

Cashless Payments

Instead of worrying about carrying cash, pay for your next metal festival tickets and late-night snack by simply waving your hand (or wrist) at the payment terminal. The Smart Festival Band Wristband by Sendrato, for example, includes a passive RFID chip that supports cashless payments.

Paperless Ticketing

Many concert-goers already enjoy using e-tickets on their mobile phone. But now imagine being able to leave your phone at home and scan only your watch for entry. And someday maybe all you’ll need is your heartbeat — at least that’s what the Nymi wristband seems to be inviting. This gadget uses biometric authentication technology to bring security and convenience for payments, passwords and access all through your unique heartbeat.

Enhanced Sensory Experience

Wearable technology, like the Samsung Gear S Wearable Smartwatch, is unobtrusive and enhances the sensory experience without distracting from it. Who wants to hold their mobile phone in front of their face during Slayer’s performance? This smartwatch has a perfect 2-inch display that allows you to get GPS directions, receive incoming calls or check in on Facebook without your actual phone.

Instant Updates

Using iBeacon technology and smart wristbands, music festivals can send attendees instant updates and location-specific alerts, such as information about nearby performances or the shortest line for the bathroom. They can also send vendor coupons and “straight-to-your-seat navigation,” due to multiple beacons triangulating your position.

Instant Photos and Videos

Wearable cameras, like the Narrative Clip, take the thought out of taking photos and videos. This tiny camera clips easily to your shirt and automatically documents your experiences, which you can later share with your friends. Even though industry experts once feared video streaming would discourage tickets sales, your footage could inspire your friends to attend with you next year.

GPS Capabilities

Smart jewelry, like Cuff and Ringly, connect to your phone via Bluetooth and give your contacts your location. This could help you meet up with friends at a GPS-specific location, or you could use it as a safeguard in case of an emergency.

Audience Interaction

Much like the glow pens tested by Sony in Japan a few years ago, wearable tech could turn into an interactive light show. Festivals could distribute wristbands at the beginning of the weekend that glow by command, inconspicuously turning audience members into performers. This is similar to how audience members were rewarded for enthusiasm based on biometrically-tracked data at SXSW in 2013.

No matter which festival you attend next, go hands-free with wearable technology to elevate your experience.

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