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Top 5 Ways to Track Your Social Media ROI

With the influx of so many social networking sites, and ways to start conversations online it’s sometimes hard to understand what it all means and how it’s helping your music career.

This week I’ve come across some great sites that break down your Social Media Buzz. These sites can give you actual hard numbers/metrics and reports on how you are getting a return in your investment of time online.

Trendrr - Trendrr captures and illustrates accurate, real-time market intelligence in an easy-to-use, digestible format. Users can track pre-set data through sources such as Twitter, Google Blogs, Myspace, etc. So instead of googling yourself everyday Trendrr automatically kicks out graphs and reports with weekly updates of your social media buzz.

RockDex - RockDex can see how many people say you rock. Using Web 2.0 technology they search social networks, blogs, micro-blogs, music sites and more to see if and when people are talking. Rock Dex is able to give reports with actual metrics how many potential fans have visited your social networking sites. - Tracking Twitter links - When the majority of Twitters need to shorten a URL most look to .., this is a bad decision for the simple fact that .. doesn’t provide any type of visitor or usage statistics, you can also forget about getting any sort of decent statistics with .. from Google Analytics. Enter this intelligent URL shortening service not only shortens your URLs but also provides valuable visitor and traffic referral statistics. tracks the total number of clicks your URL has generated at present, over the past day, week, month and as a total.

BlogPulse- is a blog search engine that also analyzes and reports on daily activity in the blogosphere. BlogPulse gives daily blog stats that measure activity in the world of blogging (number of blogs identified, new blogs created, number of blog posts analyzed). It also comes with a conversation tracker that follows and captures the discussion, or conversation, that emanates and spreads from individual blogs or individual blog posts.

Commentful - Commentful is a service that watches comments/follow-ups on Blog posts, Digg submissions, Flickr galleries, and many other types of content. When ever there is an update, i.e a new follow-up, Commentful notifies you instantly

Cyber PR Urban is Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR’s  urban division that handles Hip Hop and R&B as well as urban and urban crossover artists. We connect urban artist to Blogs, Podcasters, Internet Radio Stations, Vlogs, Social Networking sites, and Webzines. Cyber PR Urban’s Urban Plug newsletter is a free bi-monthly e-zine for musicians & entrepreneurs who want marketing, promotion and PR tips for navigating the new music business. Sign Up here: Check out past articles

Christina Duren started her music career as an intern at Island Def Jam where she spent a year in the Radio and Promotions/Publicity department. At IDJ she worked with Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Ne-Yo. From there she took her first real job at Shore Fire Media working campaigns for The Roots, and Heineken Red Star Soul Tour. Christina now acts as PR Director for Cyber PR and co-founder of Cyber PR Urban.


Reader Comments (7)

I admire your avant-garde approach with just starting an article mid-sentence. Ballsy.

July 14 | Unregistered CommenterJustin Boland

Sorry about that was a typo snafu. it has been fixed. Thanks!

All your links are coded by myspace, so people get the intermediate "External Link Alert" when they click on any of these. When this is fixed, you should probably delete both my comments, too.

July 15 | Unregistered CommenterJustin Boland

Great article, Christina. You can also use the URL shortener ( to get the same statistics that can get, but you can also add GA tags to the URLs which will help you when mining through your Google Analytics data.

July 15 | Unregistered Commenterpratt

Great post! There are some really useful tools out there for independent musicians:

Check out these 15 Essential Web Tools for the Independent Musician

There really is no need for a record label anymore with some of these awesome management, distribution, discovery, and touring tools now available. Long live the D-I-Y artist!

Although it is currently in private beta. I will recommend Band Metrics
as resource for tracking your Online ROI. They consolidate most of your online presence in one nice web interface for metrics on your social networks also.

July 15 | Registered CommenterDale Adams

very surprised that Band Metrics is not in this list as they're definitely leading this field

July 25 | Unregistered CommenterSeth

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