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Top Classical Music Apps That Can Be Downloaded To Your Smartphone

Smartphones are everywhere. Nearly every person has one and there are a myriad of apps available for these phones. They’re no longer just phones or even just for texting and taking pictures. They are now mini computers and you can do just about anything you like while on the go. If you like time away from the hustle and bustle and wish to relax with some classical music you may find one of the following apps just what you need:

Violin Classical Music Collection


The violin has a distinctive sound and has been used in many different forms of music. It can be used to play a variety of classical pieces or used freestyle to create something truly unique. This app has more than just music to offer. It does have 112 songs but it also has sections on violin culture, the music of the violin and learning to play. 

Classical Music 333

Classical Music 333 is an app allows you to listen and download music from 50 of the greatest composers of all time. Search for your favorite music either by title or composer then just lay back and relax. 

Masterpieces of Classical Music

This app also offers access to the most famous classical tunes. It also provides biography’s of the composers. Once the app is downloaded you will be able to access the songs anywhere, regardless of whether you are connected to the internet or not.

Classical Music Radio


Classical Music Radio offers a variety of radio stations. Each station has a preselected list of classical music from all around the world. More stations are being added all the time and the app makers are open to suggestion regarding other possible stations. 

Great Masters of Classical Music – Audio e-book

This app has fifteen of the greatest classical music pieces ever written. The music is performed by some of the best known orchestras in the world and comes complete with biographies of all the composers. Educational and easy listening!

Classical Music Encyclopaedia

This app has around 20,000 articles covering a variety of topics. Information is available on the history of music, music theory, composers and other notable music personalities. There are many more topics all of which can be fully searched using the built in search tool.

Classical Music - Listen and Learn. 50 Compositions & Quiz

This is another app which allows you to listen to 50 of the greatest music pieces of all time.  The app also includes a “who is the composer” quiz. Your results can be shared online with friends and you can challenge them to do better!

My First Classical Music App


This app is aimed at children but is useful to anyone finding their feet in the classical music world.  My First Classical Music App uses touch to familiarise children with classical music and the different types of instruments. Great composers are introduced via animated characters and there are questions along the way to ensure some of the information is being absorbed.

Musical Discovery for Older Listeners

This app provides an online resource to look at and evaluate the latest news in Gramophone World. It links with iTunes to allow immediate access to featured recordings. You can also link to podcasts and any articles of interest on the main Gramophone World website. Musical Discovery for Older Listeners has a good search facility and you are able to access all back issues of the magazine.


This app has 3D musical instruments which can be viewed from any angle and listened to.  You can also watch a musician play them and then talk about the experience. There are eight pieces which are all between five and nine minutes long. There’s also a vast amount of information on the various orchestras and musicians in classical music.

There are many more apps available and each has its own unique characteristics and space in the market. Try them all if you have the time!

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Make Up Games 365!

Reader Comments (2)

Don't forget apps for people who make classical music!

Cadenza, for iPad and iPhone makes you want to spend all day in your room playing music because it surrounds you with an intelligent, responsive orchestra (real orchestra musicians) that accompanies you while you play. The coolest thing is that it actually listens to you and follows your every move. You play how you want, and how you feel, while Cadenza just stays right with you.

April 2 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Smith

It's awesome that you have an opportunity to download so many useful and interesting applications for your smartphone. But I notice that people tend to forget how to make calls. That sounds a little paradoxical but if someone wants to make a long-distance call they can forget about area codes which are essential in this situation.

August 11 | Registered CommenterGreg Bjorg

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