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White VS Black Background For Music Websites 

The eternal question - To be (on the dark side with cookies), or not be. And no, it is not Hamlet and even Darth Vader saying it. It is an average web designer who is scratching his head everytime he gets a new site to do. Especially when it goes to music-related websites since they mostly have a dark or a light background.

dark light side


Let’s have a quick overview on why one chooses to eat cookies and others stay on a diet.

In most cultures, white color means peacefulness and tranquility. It makes you feel safe. That’s the reason why a white background is mainly used for religious website templates, business and real estate themes.

Usually, the color scheme influences over how long people will stay on your website. It is said that dark fonts on the light background are more comfortable to read than light fonts on the dark background. There is a detailed explanation why, but that’s not an issue now. Just state that white is the most soothing color to the eyes. As for images and colors, they also look much better against a white background. It makes them look brighter and more colorful.

But what about a black background? Why do so many bands choose black for their websites? Let’s find it out! The black color renders power and authority. But still, it’s quite difficult to read long texts on a dark background. Though some other media content can look much more impressive. That’s why it’s used for portfolios and websites related to art. You even can see that the most of the music website templates have a dark background.

Actually, there are not so many kinds of websites where the black background will be suitable. But nevertheless, these sites look really solid. Black is a background which doesn’t distract the attention from your content. It somehow makes the web users’ emotions deeper than any other color. That’s the reason why black designs are used for creative websites.

The main principle of a black website - use more pictures and less text. It means the photography websites and entertainment resources will look great with a dark background. The same thing is about music portals where you can download or listen to favorite tracks.  

One of the latest web design trends today is a mix of black and white. Especially it goes with  one-page websites. So you can combine - the block with text can be on a white background and a gallery on a dark backdrop.

What are your thoughts on this issue? What color do you prefer and why?

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