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Discover Some New Music

listeningphoto © 2008 Ivan Dervisevic | more info (via: Wylio)You know what is great about music, that feeling of excitement you get when you discover a new song, album or band. Something that up to that point never existed in your world, but with one song all of a sudden you have this great feeling of discovery, of finding something new… new to you. Let me give you a few examples.

If you have been following my site and posts you probably know I am a KISS fan, been a huge fan since 1976. I have always loved glam music, and not just 80s hair metal glam. I remember MANY years ago when I heard this tune, Fox On The Run. Holy crap! I had to find out who it was. Turns out to a great British glam band The Sweet. This discovery came before iTunes or even Napster. I was on a mission to find all the music I could by The Sweet. I discovered all sorts of LPs, yeah vinyl albums. I was buying them all. Every album was a new and exciting discovery.

A couple weeks ago I am listening to the radio, yes I still like to listen to terrestrial radio, KFOG in San Francisco. A song comes on I had never heard before, but just captured me. I didn’t recognize the vocals and they didn’t tell me who it was. All I had was a line from the song to Google… the only living boy in New York. Some of you might now be saying, are you kidding me! I had never heard this song before, and honestly thought it was some new, young band. To my surprise when I Googled the lyric it turned out to Simon & Garfunkel, the album Bridge Over Troubled Waters. A absolute classic album. Of course I knew who Simon & Garfunkel are and had even heard some of the other songs from the album. But, I never owned the album and never heard all of the tracks. I own the album now. It doesn’t matter how old the song is, or how big the artist might be. When you hear something for the first time and it clicks it is a great feeling.

There is so much music in the world that you have yet to hear. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Go find new music. Go find a new indie, unsigned band. Being signed and on a record label is absolutely no indication of the quality of music. I recently found (actually they found me) a indie band in Atlanta, Romeo Spike. I got hooked on a song called Spaceman. When you find something new, you want more. When I find a band I like, I want to support them. You should do the same. Help them so they can continue to make the music you love.

Find a old band with new music. Age does not determine the quality of music. Its not like at a certain age a musician can no longer write great music. Listen with your ears, feel the music. Uriah Heep is a classic rock band from England that formed in 1969, they have sold over 30 million records worldwide. I was never a fan, but I saw a YouTube video from their new album Into The Wild. BAM! Hooked! New music that has a great heavy keyboard, classic 70s metal vibe.

Over the last 3-4 years I have been so hooked by Tom Delonge’s post Blink 182 band Angels & Airwaves that I travelled the US last year to catch multiple shows. They released their last album for free, so again I felt I needed to show my support so I would hopefully get more music from them. I joined the fan club so I could attend soundchecks. I might very well have been the oldest person at the shows, other than the parents who took their kids. Who cares! If you like the music, enjoy it, support it!

Discover some new music, take a chance. Get excited by finding something that is new to you. You will surprise yourself with what you find yourself liking. What ends up on your iPod.

Posted By: Michael Brandvold (Michael is a 20 year music marketing veteran who has worked with unsigned indie bands and international superstars. Michael owns Michael Brandvold Marketing a site dedicated to providing tips and advice for musicians.)

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