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Warner Music Group Collaboration with Shazam Creates Hybrid Record Label

By Zach Rickers

In February of 2014, Warner Music Group and Shazam announced that they would enter into a “strategic collaboration” in which Warner would have access to Shazam’s user data and Shazam would have access to exclusive Warner content. Currently, when a user hears a song that they like, whether it is at a restaurant or on the radio, they can open up the Shazam application on their smartphone and hold the phones microphone to the speaker which will then analyze and identify the song title and artist that the user is listening to.2  Once a song is identified, the app logs data such as the time of day the song was “tagged”, the song being identified, and even where the song was tagged (if the user has location services enabled).3  This is the sort of data that Warner plans to use not only for A&R, but also for marketing and promotion purposes.

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Ourtunez, the Music Network

I am Nino Munaco, Editor and Blog writer for Ourtunez, the Music Network. Ourtunez is a free music streaming service that features Independent musicians. Any one can sign up, upload their music and instantly receive the benefits.

Your music will gain exposure through our website and app. New music discovery is missing in other music streaming services but Ourtunez excels in that department. Even our “mainstream” stations are full of independent artists who have signed up. They are being played alongside today’s (and yesterday’s) biggest artists. We even have a Comedy station where independent comedians can be discovered.

We are looking for people who want to be a part of this community of amazing artists.

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8 Ways To Keep Up With and Discover New Music Releases

Have you ever felt like you were no longer in the loop when it comes to new music? “Have you heard Beyonce’s new song?!” “Did you get tickets for that gig?” “It went to number 1!”. None of us like to feel left out when it comes to the hottest new songs, the latest summer smash, or that killer album everybody’s talking about.

Here are a number of methods to stay up to date with the best music and most anticipated releases.  

1. Social media
Following your favourite artists and bands on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will ensure that you are constantly in the know about what’s out and what’s coming next. Artists promote themselves and their music this way as it’s the easiest outlet to connect with their fans.  

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Soundcloud, Fan Growth, & Music Discovery!

Soundcloud, fan growth, and music discovery? Let me count the ways! There are no shortage of sites competing to host your music from Reverbnation and Purevolume to Soundcloud and Myspace. What separates the good ones from the great ones is the facilitation of growth. Some sites you get 100 plays and it can spiral into thousands, other sites 100 plays is just 100 plays.

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HiFi Lessons Joins Indiegogo to Provide Pre-Sale Tickets to Students

HiFi Lessons Joins Indiegogo to Provide Pre-Sale Tickets to Students

HiFi Lessons is designed to allow students to take private, live online music lessons from the best teachers the world has to offer.  Our goal is to change the way we learn music and save music education together!

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Discover Some New Music

You know what is great about music, that feeling of excitement you get when you discover a new song, album or band. Something that up to that point never existed in your world, but with one song all of a sudden you have this great feeling of discovery, of finding something new… new to you. Let me give you a few examples.

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