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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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How to Market Your Music Like Beyonce' 

Beyonce’ is considered one of the greatest entertainers today. She is known for her captivating stage show, excellent performance skills, and catchy tunes. But Beyonce’ is not only a great entertainer, she (her team) is a marketing genius as well. Beyonce’ took music fans by surprised when she released Beyonce’ a year ago without promotion. There are some principles that indie artists can apply from Beyonce’s marketing campaign.

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BRASH! Magazine 2016

BRASH! - A Music Marketing Blog started in 2012. This blog was designed to provide music marketing tips for Independent Artists as well as provide a platform for exposure by giving exclusive interviews and social media promotions. In 2016, BRASH! is ready to expand to the magazine scene but we need your help. In order to bring this to life we are accepting donations to design, create, and develop a Music Marketing Magazine to increase exposure and awareness for quality Indie Artists. Funds raised will be used for staff memebers (writers, graphics artists, events etc.) as well as the development for the magazine’s platform, both online and print.


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One Nine Eight Four Denim Releases Pt. 3 Of Artist Editions Signature Tee Series

3/19/2015 -  (NEW YORK, NY) - ONE NINE EIGHT FOUR Denim, partnered with Cure for the Common Studios by Andy Sheffield to create a 3-part Signature Tee series, ARTIST EDITIONS. The idea for this series was to provide consumers with premium signature tees as well as to encourage them to think. Pt. 1 “Over/Under” and Pt. 2 “Inject Some Personality” have received a great response from followers and supporters. With great anticipation for Pt. 3, “Truth Over Slogans” has finally released completing the series!

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Music Content Company, Able Baker, Launches in NYC

Industry-renowned Executive Producers of Music, Peter Gannon and Jessica Dierauer have joined forces to launch Able Baker, a new music content company based in New York City. Able Baker, whose name is taken from the first two letters of the original phonetic alphabet, offers original composition, music supervision and licensing, and is differentiated by their offering of music strategy/consultation and content production across TV, film, digital and non-traditional disciplines for both the advertising and entertainment industries. The company will be a connector between brands and musicians, partnering with them to create music for content and content for music, protecting creative ideas and strategically aligning all parties involved in music production.

Able Baker was born out of our love of music, and we’re passionate about making great music content in several rapidly-evolving industries,” said Gannon. “The overwhelming consensus from all parties involved is that music is a critical piece of the process, so we’re really excited to see what happens when we put it first. We’ve engineered so many collaborations between artists and brands in recent years and are looking to further this successful trajectory with Able Baker.”

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Samsungs Milk Music moves to wearable tech

Milk music is an Internet streaming service that is exclusive to Samsung smartphones—that is, until now. Today, Samsung announced that it is expanding its service to Web TV and wearable tech. As John Pleasants, vice president of Samsung Media Solutions Center of America, states, this will transform Milk Music into a “big-screen jukebox for the 21st century home.” So what can you do with Milk Music?

Listen on Your Smartphone

Since its launch in March, Samsung smartphone owners have been able to download Milk Music from Google Play. You don't need to sign up or do anything else before you can start streaming music, claims Engadget. A sweet deal co

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How Music Affects Teens

Music is something that each individual has his or her own particular assessment about. Diverse individuals have distinctive taste, and different sorts of music have numerous methods for leaving an effect on somebody. It might be unwinding, maddening, calming, empowering, and a lot of people more.

There are such a large number of sorts of music out there today. Rap, pop, shake, nation, outside the box, elective, no-nonsense are a portion of the rich sorts on the planet. Music conveys either great or unfortunate messages that have enormous effects on how individuals act. Individuals generally get to be companions with other people who have a same taste in music as whatever is left of the individuals they home base with, or it might be the other way around. Individuals may not have any desire to take up with individuals who have distinctive tastes in music on the grounds that they’ll contend about what they think is better yet its simply their own particular assessments.

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In "Raging Bull" Case US Supreme Court Opens The Door To Even Long-delayed Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

     In a copyright dispute over the movie “Raging Bull”, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the case can continue dispite the substantial passage of time. In a 6-3 decision the Court held that plaintiff Paula Petrella, daughter of the late screenwriter Frank Petrella, did not wait too long to file her lawsuit against MGM claiming an interest in the film.

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Promoting Your Material on a Budget

Now, if you’re an artist or start-up business owner, you most likely know how it feels to go without, for the sake of your career, simply because you have that much passion for it. You may even be going through that phase right now, and you may feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to your career. Does this cycle sound familiar to you:

  • I don’t have money because my music/business hasn’t taken off.
  • My music/business hasn’t taken off because it’s not being promoted enough.
  • It’s not being promoted enough because promotion takes money, and I don’t have money.
  • (repeat steps 1-3 above)

This is probably one of the most frustrating phases that about every career builder has gone through. The good news about this cycle, is that promotiondoesn’t have to cost loads of money. Ironically enough, the cheapest/free forms of promotion work the best!

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Why mastering your audio is vital

Mastering is the most mysterious and least understood of all audio processes. Sometimes referred to the “black art”, there are many misconceptions around it. Many budding audio producers and composers confuse it with mixing. Mixing and mastering are 2 separate processes and have completely different processing goals. Mastering is a final and the most important step in getting your audio to sound like a million dollar.

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8 Ways To Keep Up With and Discover New Music Releases

Have you ever felt like you were no longer in the loop when it comes to new music? “Have you heard Beyonce’s new song?!” “Did you get tickets for that gig?” “It went to number 1!”. None of us like to feel left out when it comes to the hottest new songs, the latest summer smash, or that killer album everybody’s talking about.

Here are a number of methods to stay up to date with the best music and most anticipated releases.  

1. Social media
Following your favourite artists and bands on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will ensure that you are constantly in the know about what’s out and what’s coming next. Artists promote themselves and their music this way as it’s the easiest outlet to connect with their fans.  

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Beats Music v. Spotify

By John Lahr

As of January 21st Spotify now has a legitimate contender in the music streaming market, as Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s Beats Music steps into the ring. It is the culmination of eighteen months of development after Dr. Dre’s lucrative consumer electronics company purchased MOG in July of 2012. Entering with a soft launch in late January, the service announced its arrival in spectacular style with a Super Bowl advertising blitz featuring T.V personality Ellen DeGeneres. While Beats Music and Spotify have many similar features, both services have very different views of the future of the streaming marketplace, and different ways of communicating their vision to consumers.

Features Comparison

Like Spotify, Beats Music offers a library of over 20 million songs to choose from, the ability to create playlists and sync them to your mobile device for offline listening, and a radio feature1.  However Beats offers far more advanced features for discovering music thanks to its “Sentence” radio and “Just For You” curated playlists tailored to taste preferences you give when signing up.

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The California Gurl: Katy Perry

 Born in Santa Barbara, California, Katy Perry was a confident and talented performer even at a young age. Thus, it is not surprising that she has become one of the most loved music artists in this era. Her originality, fascinating style and infectious charm helped her reach the top – and she just keeps getting better and better with her latest hits and performances!

A Star Is Born

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, who is best known for her stage name “Katy Perry” was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Having both parents as church pastors, she was immersed in music, mostly gospel music, at a young age. However, she and her siblings were discouraged from listening and singing along to secular music. There were some exceptions, though, since her parents allowed her to listen to some artists including Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf and Ella Fitzgerald because of the wholesome lyrics and meanings behind their songs.

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2014 MelodyFusion.Com Band Gear Give Away

Hello Al! It’s back, it’s free, and it’s bigger and better then ever. MelodyFusion’s 2014 Band Gear Give Away is back with way more chances to win (over 14 winners this year and mini give-aways every month starting in April).

Yay, another “Band Gear Give-Away”!

The last “Band Gear Give-Away” was such a great success that we’re doing it again! It is really simple to play: you are automatically entered if/when you join Melody Fusion. By promoting your music and gigs or discovering and reviewing other’s tracks, you automatically stack up entries.Think of it this way - MelodyFusion is helping you, help yourself, by offering such a nice GRAND PRIZE to promote your tunes or find and listen to new music…it’s ALL FREE!

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How Artists Can Unlock Their Creative Potential

Ever wonder how you can be a genius with this amazing technique?

It feels very terrible when you’re running out of idea’s. This often happens to creative people such as a musician, photographer or a graphic designer.

It SUCKS when you don’t have inspiration. Your creative juice aren’t flowing anymore! It’s a pity because you are missing a lot of opportunities out there.

You don’t have to worry anymore because I’ve got the solution for you. I stumbled upon a research where creative people can unlock their creative potential.

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