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The Music Industry Got Murdered, Here Are The 23 Pieces Of Evidence (Pt 1)  

  • Recording (Certainly on the Indie level) is dead because Artists have no clear way to effectively monitize their releases! Is your Youtube or Spotify revenue going to pay rent or mortgage???
  • The Record Label System has been completely dismantled, leaving no reliable form of Artist financing, development, or support.  Even top tier artists are struggling here.
  • As touring support/opportunities shrink, artists are slowly watching their last viable source of revenue shrink as well.  As a result we’re seeing more and more old-timers come out of retirement to perform.
  • Streaming is now the dominant form of consumption, and I think we all know by now that 99% of artists make little to nothing on it!!
  • Streaming revenue payouts are unequally tiered between Major Labels and Indies.
  • Streaming happens at little to no cost for listeners, and with piracy has created an entire generation of music sonsumers who have never paid $$ for music….and NEVER WILL !!!
  • Streaming is so convenient for listeners that most have even lost interest in Piracy…wake up guys…..people can get most music files for free and they don’t even want them.  That’s devaluation of a product down to $0.00!! Any Industry with no product or service to sell is by defenition a Dead Industry
  • Think about this…..Streaming has literally debunked an entire segment of music hardware products….Mp3 players??? Dead…..Ipods……Dead!!! An entire Apple product line gone as a result of streaming’s unprecedented success!! That should be scary.  
  • Piracy made the music free….streaming advocates want us to believe that folks will suddenly start paying for something they know is now FREE?? Some will, but certainly not enough to breath new life into an Industry that’s truly on Life Support.

Hold on now….that was just the streaming evidence….read part 2…..(for mature audiences that are able to accept reality only)

Les Dion is an Artist/Producer and owner of EMG Music Group LLC

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