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The Music Industry Got Murdered, Here Are The 23 Pieces Of Evidence (Pt 1)  

The MUSIC Industry got MURDERED!!! Here are the 30 pieces of evidence (Pt 1) + Recording (Certainly on the Indie level) is dead because Artist have no clear way to effectively monitize their releases! Is your Youtube or Spotify revenue going to pay rent or mortgage??? + The Record Label System has been completely dismantled, leaving no reliable form of Artist financing, development, or support. Even top tier Artist are struggling here. + As touring support/opportunities shrink, Artist are slowly watching their last viable source of revenue shrink as well. As a result we’re seeing more and more old-timers come out of retirement to perform.

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How NASA Overcomes Procrastination

One of the hardest things to do when accomplishing anything is remaining consistent. It’s not something anyone teaches us, but instead expects from us. Doing something over and over again is something that we are good at physically, but not mentally. Our natural tendency is to overthink anything because that is what our brains have evolved to in order to …

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William's 2 Step Method For Increasing Your Value As A Musician

Is it weird that I love to study Boar’s Head? You know, the sandwich meat company?

Not only is their quality spot on but I LOVE their slogan –

Boar’s Head – Sacrifice Elsewhere

That is dope (Did I mention that I have no life?). But, it’s a testament to our thinking here at HTBAMS.

We would rather pay 2x the price knowing that we get an amazing product, versus saving a few pennies to get the knock-off. It’s just not the same. 

But, what happens when we invest in ourselves?

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Radio Corporation of America Reforms, Returns to Camden.

Camden-born performer, musician and entrepreneur, Graham Alexander, announced his companies’ brand portfolio merger into the revived Radio Corporation of America, the former electronics conglomerate that was pieced off to buyers by G.E. through the late 1980s and held as a name holding corporation until the late 2000s. The new and unlikely president quietly detailed the slow re-acquisition process of former brands owned by the company during its Camden-based heyday including Victor Talking Machine Co, His Master’s Voice, Camden, and Little Nipper at an impromptu meeting of the board of advisors.

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One Nine Eight Four Denim Releases Pt. 3 Of Artist Editions Signature Tee Series

3/19/2015 -  (NEW YORK, NY) - ONE NINE EIGHT FOUR Denim, partnered with Cure for the Common Studios by Andy Sheffield to create a 3-part Signature Tee series, ARTIST EDITIONS. The idea for this series was to provide consumers with premium signature tees as well as to encourage them to think. Pt. 1 “Over/Under” and Pt. 2 “Inject Some Personality” have received a great response from followers and supporters. With great anticipation for Pt. 3, “Truth Over Slogans” has finally released completing the series!

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The Ultimate Gig Booking Guide | Phosphene Productions


Booking regular shows is an essential part of being a musician when expecting to be heard by the public, and a question we here at Phosphene Productions get asked a lot about. Though everyone has their own technique when it comes to finding the perfect show, many artists new to the scene should devise a “template” to work by and to keep yourself organized when contacting so many different people.

Our goal in this article is to give you a sort of template to use when beginning to develop your own booking strategy, and by the end you should have all the necessary information to kick off your gig.

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Old Men to Pre-Teen Girls. Where Music Has Been And Where It's Going.

Let’s set some ground rules for music innovation to take place. Instead of swinging around in the dark hoping to hit something, let’s remember what happened before this moment.

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Thinking About Starting a Business in the Music Industry? - 15 Essential Tips to Help You Succeed

Do you find yourself banking your best ideas? Dreaming of calling the shots? Then it’s probably inevitable, you were meant to be an entrepreneur. So what’s stopping you? Well, the list is long: fears, concerns, questions, doubts… there is tons of BS that could get in your way. Not to mention, you’ve chosen the music industry. And it’s probably the most waffling of them all! Here’s some tips for overcoming the obstacles and preparing for the best thing you might ever do in your lifetime.  

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The Age of Production

ProTools is the new guitar.

We’re in the age of production. –
Almost everyone’s participating!

Live concerts, the recording process, the number of “production” educational programs, electronic music, and much more.

Computers are shaping the future, innovation, culture, art, and more much in the same way rock and roll once did. If you’re a part of the youth, you want…

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Enter To Win 100 MOO Business Cards from is happy to announce our first give-away! Three of our readers will each win a set of 100 business cards. For a chance to win, visit and answer this question: If you could have a line from any song on the back of your business card, what would it be? To submit your answer, visit:

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Dynamic Producer Commemorates 10 Year Anniversary with the 10th Annual Dynamic Producer Music Conference, Launches Industry Insider Interview Series 

The 2011 Dynamic Producer Conference, held in Los Angeles on August 26 – 28, marks the tenth annual convening of some of music’s most influential executives along with the hottest up & coming producers and musicians from across the world. This three day event, created to help educate and provide opportunities for aspiring music producers, will host an array of sessions to assist aspiring producers navigate through the ever changing and selective music industry. From discussions on music publishing, copyrights, digital rights and downloads, to drum workshops, this years’ conference theme - “This Is My Drum Beat,” is sure to inspire producers to march to the beat of their own drum.

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Don't Play The Lotto

Many people (more than you realize) have a distorted view of the entertainment business. Sure, everyone knows it’s tough in the beginning. But once you catch your break, once you’re discovered by the right gatekeepers, it’s nothing but groupies, parties, and private jets…right?  Wrong. Those lifestyle trappings are out of reach for the vast majority of people that make the pilgrimage to New York, LA, and Nashville in search of stardom. And of those who can attain that level of success, there are even fewer who are able to maintain it for more than a relatively brief period of time. 

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Are You Really Selling Music?

It is critical in any business to ask yourself several questions before starting. As a performing artist (or songwriter, composer, producer…), one question you must ask yourself at some point is, “What am I selling?”.

One of the biggest ‘light bulb’ moments I ever had was as a senior in high-school, when I learned the story of Ray Kroc. For those who aren’t sure what I’m talking about, let me explain….

Ray Kroc is the man milkshake machine salesman who took McDonalds from being a small,  innovative, fast food restaurant, into the largest restaurant chain the world has ever seen. Before he died, he was asked what was his secret to selling burgers. His reply was simply, “I’m not in the burger business, I’m in the real estate business…”

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Is “Pay to Play” Okay?

When our band, “Control the Chaos” decided to hit the highway in June 2010, it was with the intention to spread our branded style of “Vegas Molten Metal” to the masses. After all, what better way to do that than literally go from city to city on tour? Besides, we’d been pretty aggressive in Vegas so we figured it was time to give the venues and our fans some needed time to miss us. We mapped the routes, did our own booking, loaded up our equipment, said our prayers and decided to go for it.

A couple observations: Each city definitely had its own unique vibe and style – no surprise there, but we also started to see a strong pattern of pay-to-play requirements especially as we got into the larger shows and bigger venues. We also found that more places up North were willing to negotiate a guarantee based on success of the show, where many Southwest venues wanted more assurance ($$). Mind you, nobody called it “pay to play”. Rather it was wrapped around the pre-sale ticket requirement policy that many clubs and venues have adopted.

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