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The Ultimate Gig Booking Guide | Phosphene Productions






 Intro -


Booking regular shows is an essential part of being a musician when expecting to be heard by the public, and a question we here at Phosphene Productions get asked a lot about. Though everyone has their own technique when it comes to finding the perfect show, many artists new to the scene should devise a “template” to work by and to keep yourself organized when contacting so many different people.

Our goal in this article is to give you a sort of template to use when beginning to develop your own booking strategy, and by the end you should have all the necessary information to kick off your gig.

Finding a Venue - 

The first step in our booking template is finding the proper venue to be a host for your show. Where finding venues in town is a generally straightforward task, finding the right venue to suit your project (genre, scene, etc.) can be a little more difficult and takes some research and effort to maximize your potential.

When searching for potential venue candidates, a simple Google or Yelp search usually yields good results. There are many sites on the web that call themselves “venue-finders”*, and this is often a great place to start. (*List of useful links is at the bottom.) …

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