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Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

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Radio Corporation of America Reforms, Returns to Camden.

Camden-born performer, musician and entrepreneur, Graham Alexander, announced his companies’ brand portfolio merger into the revived Radio Corporation of America, the former electronics conglomerate that was pieced off to buyers by G.E. through the late 1980s and held as a name holding corporation until the late 2000s. The new and unlikely president quietly detailed the slow re-acquisition process of former brands owned by the company during its Camden-based heyday including Victor Talking Machine Co, His Master’s Voice, Camden, and Little Nipper at an impromptu meeting of the board of advisors.

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Entropic Strategies for Music Marketing : navigating the noise

While Entropic Strategist may merely be my own word to describe the style of scatter-storm marketing I use for myself and other artists, it’s a style that was proven in the business and startup world many times over long before the Wild West of the Music Industry we have today.

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Music Industry Secret to Success #4 – Have Integrity

I have developed a set of music industry “secrets.” These “secrets” are designed to develop positive behavior, so do not expect a ton of tactical talk. Strategy will be the ultimate takeaway. In each shared “secret,” I am going to give ideas that should help you make the right changes toward a substantial music career. Be sure you check out the previous “secrets” of “Be Yourself”, “Reach Out”, “Listen” and “Have Humility” on before reading this.

By definition, there are two ways you can interpret integrity. Regardless of whether we are talking unfettered completeness or moral soundness, having integrity is crucial to succeeding in life - period. In this piece, I will list key actions you can do to increase your level of integrity in your music career.

When you are a person with integrity, you are a person that people can trust. You are someone that can be depended upon to do what you say you are going to do. That is where the “completeness” ties into the definition, so for the first key action:

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Originally I was going to classify this post in the Dear Christian Music Industry section but the more I thought about it, I realized, I think it goes way beyond that.  While I primarily work in the ‘Christian Music Industry’, I think when it comes to “Social Networking” there is so much going on that to pin-point it to one section of one industry doesn’t seem fair.

The bigger SkörInc gets and the more client promotion things we are behind, the more I get asked about different aspects of the web.  I was asked the other day, when it comes to Social Networking, how do I know when something will work.  How do I know that this campaign will be more effective than that campaign?  How do I know where to lay my ‘chips’ that day?  I thought it was a pretty interesting question considering things are so new and it seems like we are in a stage of the game where there’s a crazy amount of options for promoting things.

If I’m honest, I don’t.

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Intriguing SXSW - Attaching Yourself to the Known

Got back home, a song repeating in my head so i head to my nearest music service, this being Youtube.  I type in the bands abbreviation[it’s a long band name], knowing that what i am after will come up.  I’ve been here before…

I see a familiar frame so click on said video.

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Free Music = Free Advertising = Smart Business

Free music is free advertising. The only fool-proof method for artists to grow their following in the 21st century is to cultivate genuine relationships with their fan base. Use the promotional power of free music to help build a sustainable music career for yourself.

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