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The Real World vs The Internet

I visited this seminar recently run by a music professional. He explained quite an elaborate picture of the music business but one thing didn’t sit quite right with me. He said “to make it in this business you have to get out in the real world. You can have some success on the internet but eventually you will find yourself having to embrace the real world to progress.”

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MusicPromoToday Reveals Why Record Labels Still Matter

It’s often the artist dream to get signed by a record label. Artists work tirelessly, perfect their music, hire a digital marketing agency, all to get them noticed by the big labels.

Getting signed is your chance to get the big house, the fancy cars, and the private jets. Unfortunately, if you are indie artist with an indie label, these dreams may be too far away.

While it’s true that independent labels are popping out left and right, and some are even owned by artists, the potential of the big artist dream cannot be conquered without the majors.

What will a label record get you?

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"It's Not Just About The Music…"

“It’s not just about the music- the music is the foundation and the platform but to make that music heard it is so much more. A great song is kind of the beginning. Even most the songs on the radio- I would say it’s half great songs and half good songs put out by great artists- people would rather hear the okay or good songs by the artists that they love and stand behind and the movement they follow rather than great songs by people that they don’t care about.”

“It’s all about the moment and the experience, you have to give people something they can remember- maybe it’s doing something in your set that’s a little bit different that they can’t get with anyone else. You have to give them exclusive content; it’s the same business model for almost anything. Why do people wanna buy this when they can buy that? What does your product have that the other products in the same exact market don’t? What’s different? Music is the same thing.”

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What question do YOU have about creating success in today's music industry?

What questions do you have as you pave your path in the music industry?

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     Over the years there have been many lawsuits between and among the members of various musical bands. These lawsuits have concerned everything from disputes over the distribution of money to the right of departing members to use (or not to use) the band name in connection with ongoing endeavors. In most cases, it would have been better to be safe than sorry, and get the understandings of the band members in writing when everyone was in agreement just so all the parties remember what they agreed to at the start.

     The internal group member contract between the members of a band is fundamentally important, but many musical groups ignore this crucial early step. When two or more people associate for the purpose doing business they create a partnership in the eyes of the law. General partnership law applies to the association unless a written agreement states otherwise. General partnership law provides, among other things, that all partners equally own partnership property and share in profits and losses, that any partner can contractually bind the partnership and that each partner is fully liable for the debts of the partnership. In the case of most musical groups, a written agreement setting forth the arrangement between and among the group members as partners is preferable to general partnership law.

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Artist or Project Management?

I have been pondering a lot lately on the concept of “artist management” in the proper sense of the word, or at least what the industry is experiencing.  As the music industry evolved, the role of the artist manager must deal with changes in order to evolve as well.
The image of the manager who dictates the directions to take and strategies to use is an image that I think is outdated. “Manager” is rather an ally that is part of the project where the artist must look at his career as a multi-phase project (the concept of releasing an album and make its marketing is in itself a project phase). The “manager” must become a manager of this project.
The role of the project manager, according PMI (Project Management Institute), is “a person assigned by the performing organization [eg artist] to lead the team that is responsible for achieving the project objectives.” Already, this definition changes the role’s dynamics. In this optics, the “Manager” is no longer responsible for the artist but instead responsible to lead the team to achieve the defined objectives. Lead and manage are two distinct concepts.  You lead the artist and manage the project.
It therefore becomes important to talk about the maturity of the artist since an artist starting in the industry will not necessarily have the skills to run a business and have the vision for it. In this scenario, it is important that the two components (artist + manager) have some experience to manage a project (project manager) and for the artist to head a performing organization… [To be continued]

These are my first steps with this theory that I shall explore with you.  In the next few months, I will elaborate and analyze these two worlds - project management as described by PMI (Project Management Institute) and the music industry.


Artist's Expectations Need to Change, Too

I’ll start with a disclaimer made many times: “I firmly believe an artist should be paid for use of their music, after the artist proves their music is worth paying for.”

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From Graduate to Professional Musician: How To Kick Start Your Career

Studying music at University level is the ultimate double edged sword. Whilst the prospect of spending three years practising, rehearsing, writing and networking is both exciting and fun, finding employment after graduating is an altogether different prospect.

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Amplify your music career with cover gigs

There is a real uprising of unsigned bands in the UK and the country is full of talent yet to be discovered. Record label development deals are pretty much a thing of the past - and so finding a way to fund your own development costs is a necessity.

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Introducing StudioVox

We’d like to introduce you to StudioVox – The professional social network for creative professionals – and invite all Music Think Tank raders to join our private beta. 

StudioVox ( is built from the ground up for creative professionals. It’s not just another profile site. It’s the only social community that encompasses creatives, agencies, industry and fans on a single platform. 

StudioVox offers unlimited music, image and file uploads, so you can express your creativity without restriction.

Here’s our intro video - turn up the volume, set it to full screen and enjoy! 


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Oct052011 - Tunnel Vision: Today's "Internet Entrepreneurs"

Clearly the Internet has transformed the manner in which music is promoted and presented to the public. Never has the relationship between art and money been so complex- I mean, who would have ever thought of the day we would see artists who use to sell 3-5 million records first week now struggling to hit Gold? (500k) I can assure you some of the biggest business guru’s were hit with a taste of reality when the Internets power would become somewhat of a overnight success.

Let us rewind- pretend it is 1999 (Good days right?) Billy Joel is given an award for his “inspired songwriting and exciting performances”, Britney Spears releases her debut album “Baby One More Time” (we all remember that video!) the Chili Peppers release Californication with John Frusciante and sell 13 mill worldwide and of course the debut of Hip Hop icon Eminem releases “The Slim Shady LP” - Great time in music right? Now, keep in mind Napster debut July 1998. What if Britney, the Chili Peppers and Eminem had the foresight to see the impact the internet would have and all decided to release their album digitally? What change would have been brought on if they embraced the idea of “internet entrepreneurship”? Do you think they would have been the megastars they are today? Or would would the Label say “Your crazy! This internet thing is a phase and it will pass! It’s like the Record…or like the 8 Track Player..or like the Cassette Tape…or like the CD”

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Aug312011 announces major upgrade launches major upgrade

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Artist Advice: Get an Extra 5% from iTunes

The majority of artists already have their music on iTunes, thanks to simple services like CD Baby and Tunecore. You get 70% of the money every time someone buys your album. But if you are sending you fans to iTunes, you need to sign up for an iTunes Affiliate Account to earn an extra 5% every time one of your fans buys something after clicking on your link! This article tells you how.

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