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Say “Bye” To The “Buy”

From BRASH! - A Music Marketing Blog

Getting rid of buying followers for your social media pages

We’ve all seen the ads, spam comments from random accounts, and posts that look oh so tempting to check out or even try. Increase your followers!, Gain more followers! Blah! Blah! Blah!…but of course it comes with a cost…literally. Now, we can’t discredit the supply/demand business savvy that is being used here. These fly by night business pages/companies are aware that people are now desperate to get their follower numbers up. With this in mind, they’ve set up a way to manipulate the social media numbers to create the illusion of a large following. It’s smart, in a way, because when one person sees that an artist has a large number of followers on their page, they tend to check it out to see what the hype is all about. However, at the end of the day, the numbers just don’t add up.

Although it may seem easier and useful, buying followers for your social media accounts can come at great risks:

Scam Artists
Are you sure the “businesses” are reputable? What type of results have they had in the past? In addition, a lot of these account types may use information for phishing or spamming you as well as your legitimate followers. You don’t want to put yourself at risk to cause greater problems just by trying to boost your credibility in the followers’ category. Most importantly, you don’t want to put your new followers at risk.

Like vs. Amount of Followers
Have you ever looked at a person’s profile and see where they have a large amount of followers, however with each post they are only getting minimal likes/comments. This is a red flag to your profile viewers that your follower count is not authentic. You don’t need the whistle blown on this type of operation because it’ll show that your fans/followers that you have are not legit. Also, when potential business/endorsement professionals view your account you wouldn’t want to seem deceitful in providing them with an erroneous amount of followers that you have. They’ll be able to tell that the time and possible funds invested in you will NOT gain a good return for them.

Shows lack of confidence in your brand
If you have a good product to show off, you wouldn’t need to rely on buying fans to show that you’re popular within your industry. The way to gain followers is to constantly post, engage, and promote your social media pages on other platforms. It may be the hard/long way around but in the end you’ll gain REAL followers/fans who will aid in reposting/retweeting your work as well as encourage other REAL followers to check out your page on a consistent basis. REAL followers can equal REAL revenue for your brand.

Buying followers may seem like a good idea to help in promoting your work, however, this level of quantity will not help in getting your brand to the proper channels for exposure, media opportunities, business deals, and other areas to showcase your music. Yes in some cases you do have those “band wagon” followers who only engage your page because they see the “K” behind your follower number, but it’ll only be a matter of time before your follower buying habits will be revealed. You want to have TRUE fans who believe in your brand and music.

Do the work in promoting your social media pages. Don’t take the short cuts. Easy is not always the best way.

Check out this blog written by Taylor Loren giving tips on how to build legitimate Instagram followers. “3 Proven Tactics to Build Your Instagram Community”

BRASH! Magazine is coming in 2016! Stay tuned…

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