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Facebook Live: A New Social Media Tool For Musicians On The Rise

Getting your music and message to reach the ears of new listeners — potential new fans — has never been more possible than it is today. Social media sites like YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized the music industry by sharing and promoting new content and giving fans insights into the artists behind the music.

Facebook recently launched an exciting new feature that’s the perfect platform for sharing the power of your music. Facebook Live allows you to stream a live broadcast to your friends and fans to see from anywhere in the world. Here’s what you need to know about using Facebook Live and how to best apply this exciting new technology to promote your music and career.

Start a Conversation

Twitter heavyweights have been doing this for years. They promote Q&A sessions for a day or two and then open the lines of communication with their followers by offering to answer questions during an allocated time frame. This practice works best for accounts that have huge followings.

But what’s even more engaging about Facebook Live broadcasts is that viewers can see the person they’re interacting with in real time. Hosting a Q&A is one thing, but having a live discussion unfolding in real time has the ability to engage your viewers on a much more intense and personal level.

Consider using this feature during performances so viewers can see your stage presence from anywhere in the world. You can also go live during practice sessions to get followers excited about upcoming shows. Or just sit down and have a conversation about your goals, inspiration and influences. Write down a few talking points and pour your heart out. Encourage viewers to comment and ask questions so you can answer and engage in real time.

How to Get Viewers

Timing is everything when it comes to Facebook Live viewership. Live videos are more likely to pop up in news feeds than almost any other content, so you want to be sure and go live at a high traffic time. Even though Facebook Live broadcasts can be saved and watched on demand, they are most effective when broadcast live.

Promoting a live broadcast ahead of time is also a great way to ensure your followers won’t miss it. You can also take the time to encourage viewers to turn on “Live Notifications” during your broadcast, so they will be always be notified of future performances or discussions.

Prepare to Go Live

The two most important things you can do before using Facebook Live is making sure you have a good Internet connection and suitable webcam. Nothing is worse than getting followers excited to watch your live broadcast, only to have the connection cut in and out and make communication impossible.

If you’re staying in one spot throughout the broadcast, make sure to check the lighting and sound beforehand. And if you’re on location, be sure to use a camera that’s effective in a wide range of lighting conditions. Long battery life is also a concern, as Facebook Live streaming uses a lot of power and cellphone data. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a 16-megapixel auto HDR camera and boasts a full 20 hours of talk time for a single charge, so your phone won’t die while you’re rocking out onstage.


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