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Feed The Arts Introduces TIME Funding


NEW YORK, NY (June 4, 2013)— is forever changing the way art is funded by introducing its patent pending TIME FUNDING Model.  Time Funding is a cross between crowd funding and virtual rewards programs allowing fans to donate time instead of money.  Their time is what helps Artists get funded and allows funding of Creative Arts projects with fans earning virtual currency we call ?Helping Hands?.  Helping Hands are then turned around through an advertising revenue share and giving that currency to artists projects posted on the site.  This revolutionary model eliminates the risk of previous crowd funding and traditional funding models.

Artists on can focus on their creative project when projects are funded because they choose pricing packages from Service Providers who have joined and posted their products or services.   When an artist reaches the goal of funding, payment is made directly to the service provider.  This insures Artists receive their desired creative goal as well as insuring payment to the company providing these services. is now inviting companies that provide products or services to the entertainment industry to participate by joining the community and posting pricing packages for artists to select.  The Service Providers are the lifeblood of Feed the Arts.  Currently, Feed the Arts has hundreds of Service Providers with various packages ranging from recording studio session time, self-publishing opportunities, art supplies, film productions service to musical instruments. Service Providers use Feed the Arts to build business for their own company while providing the artists they cater to the opportunity to essentially get funded without reaching out to their fan base for monetary donations.  With Feed the Arts, every Service Provider will always get paid in U.S. dollars based on the price of the package they dictated when they posted their packages in U.S. dollars. Feed the Arts doesn?t charge a commission or fee to the service provider.

With 25 years of experience, 2 Grammy nominations and 14 Platinum and Gold Records, Arty Skye has not only gotten involved as a Service Provider, but has also joined the Feed The Arts team.  “I first came on board with Feed The Arts as a service provider for Skyelab Studios.  As I became more involved, I began to see the great potential for not only the studio, but everyone involved.  Now I’m thrilled to run the Music Outreach for Feed The Arts as well as continue to be a service provider.” —Arty Skye, Head of Marketing- Music Outreach and studio owner.

Feed The Arts can benefit companies that cater to the music, literary, visual arts, entertainment and many other industries. For example, a marble dealer could provide services to a sculptor.  A musician may need a studio. A PR firm could help with a campaign for an author or actor. On the site, artists earn Helping Hands that turn into cash to pay for their services.  Feed The Arts raises money on the artist? behalf to pay for these services. Also, Entertainment businesses can “build business” on Feed the Arts.  By posting a profile and including packages.  They are creating a new revenue stream.  They get paid in real cash and the pricing and details of the package are dictated only by that company.

Once an artist has chosen a specific package from a relevant service provider, they are encouraged to mobilize their fans to donate 15 minutes per day of TIME as a fan on Feed the Arts through social media such as  Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to help fund that package. is an unprecedented platform that gives back to everyone involved.  Fans help Artists, companies build their businesses and Artists take that extra step on their journey.

For more information, please contact:

Lauren Daddis
Feed The Arts

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