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Music Powered Games Places Marketing Power of Mobile Games In Hands of Indie Artists 

By Bobby Wells, CEO Music Powered Games

Music Powered Games announces Music Monsters Academy, the new mobile game app that lets artist entrepreneurs capitalize on the popularity of mobile games to sell their music and create mobile game revenues.  The app will allow thousands of indie artists to give their own custom version of the game to all their fans.  While playing the game on their iPhone or Android device, fans can buy the artist’s songs, buy the game levels for the songs, and share the artist’s game with their friends.  With one-third of people in the U.S. over 13 play mobile games monthly*, Music Monsters will give indie artists affordable access to nearly 100 million US consumers playing mobile games.

In addition to giving indies a new source of game-based revenue, Music Monsters will also feature their music in an ever-expanding music discovery platform.   According to Bobby Wells, CEO of Music Powered Games, LLC, “With more and more artists joining the lineup for our June release, we anticipate millions of their combined fans will download the game soon after its launch. Then anyone playing the game can play any of our artists’ songs three times for free.  Plus, our lyric-based gameplay actively engages fans with the music by combining audio, visual, and tactile activities to produce a long-term imprint of each song.”  The game trailer at demonstrates how Music Monsters uses song lyrics to “Unlock the Game Inside Your Music.”

Using Mobile Games To Connect To Fans.  The Music Monsters game app is designed to include thousands of indie artist partners, each with a custom version of the app for one or more of their songs. Each artist can give fans a free demo of their game using custom web links to the App Store or Google Play.  They can even have their entire audience download their app in the middle of their shows.  Every time a fan plays the artist’s game, it starts by presenting the artist’s image and the game level for one of the artist’s songs.  Fans can play each game level three times for free and then buy it for $0.99 to play it more.  Additional game content comes with each purchase as an added “reason to buy.”   Music Powered Games shares this revenue 50/50 with the artist (after Apple’s or Google’s 30% cut).  The app also promotes the sale of the artist’s songs at iTunes or wherever their music is for sale online. 

Getting You Own Game.  Artists interested in participating in the June release or July update of Music Monsters should contact the company at  The app costs $200 for the first song.  Artists will receive 100% of the revenue from sales of the game levels for their songs until they recoup this fee and 50% thereafter.  Wells wants artists to know that, “We understand $200 is a meaningful investment for most indies, but we also know that any serious artist can sell a few hundred copies of their game to their fans to recoup this investment.  The real opportunity here is, that with just $200, you’re presenting your best song for sale to millions of people as they play the game.”

Contact:  Bobby Wells,



Bobby Wells is CEO and co-founder of Music Powered Games, LLC.  He and his team are developing several music game titles building on our patent for using song lyrics to drive behavior of objects in video games. They have extensive experience in producing online games for Fortune 500 companies including two Budweiser racing games, a Busch racing game, a Busch fishing game, a party and music simulation game for several Anheuser-Busch brands, and racing games for Ford Motor Company and Interstate Batteries.


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