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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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What A Digital Fan Club Should Be 

I used to work with fan clubs back in the 80s when they were a key source of income for a lot of bands. I think the biggest one I worked with was the official Take That fan club with over a 100,000 subscribers paying (from memory) £10 a year. That’s a lot of revenue that artists are now missing out on.

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Wurrly: New Singing App. If You Have A Voice, Don't Save It For The Shower

Wurrly is a free app that transforms your smartphone into an on-the-go music studio with a fully customizable recording artist experience. Wurrly enables you to choose a song you love, customize it (by key, tempo and instrumentation), then record and share quickly and easily. Wurrly recognizes that a song should never be one size fits all so we celebrate your unique individuality.

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Newbury Comics Scavenger Hunt

The Newbury Comics scavenger hunt started March 27th and ends April 6th. The idea of a huge scavenger hunt pre-record store day is genius. Newbury Comic’s scavenger hunt is a laundry list of tasks that one must complete to gain points; the person with the most points wins the grand prize of $500 Newbury Comics gift card. Some of the tasks are taking pictures in front of famous landmarks or a selfie at the storefront of the first Newbury comics. Other tasks are answering trivia questions and doing activities, while taking selfies.

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CRUCAST: A New Dance Music App and Youtube Channel

Introducing CRUCAST:

A New Dance Music App and YouTube Channel

CRUCAST is an exciting new resource for dance music fans, allowing them to discover new and classic mixes from their favourite DJ’s and stream great music at home or on the move. CRUCAST features dance music of all styles and genres and is constantly updated, in order to provide subscribers with the freshest mixes from the best DJ’s in the world. 

The CRUCAST App is simple to navigate, easy to use and better still it’s absolutely free. The CRUCAST Youtube channel is a comprehensive library of ever diversifying DJ mixes, allowing fans to discover and enjoy brilliant electronic music.

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New Free Mobile App Makes Life Easier for Musicians

Red Dragon Records is a relatively new but rapidly growing record label based in the south of the UK. It was designed and built around a business model that involved working with very new artists and the main ethos of the company since its inception is to help artists where possible whether signed to the label or not. To this end, we created a free mobile app (the only app of its kind at the time of writing). This app contains over 1,000 links to radio stations and blogs that have been vetted to ensure that they take music from unsigned or indie label artists. Furthermore there are sections for design companies, sites that will allow artists to find new sources of revenue or even giving artists companies that manufacture CD’s, websites or merchandise. 

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Music Powered Games Places Marketing Power of Mobile Games In Hands of Indie Artists 

By Bobby Wells, CEO Music Powered Games

Music Powered Games announces Music Monsters Academy, the new mobile game app that lets artist entrepreneurs capitalize on the popularity of mobile games to sell their music and create mobile game revenues.  The app will allow thousands of indie artists to give their own custom version of the game to all their fans.  While playing the game on their iPhone or Android device, fans can buy the artist’s songs, buy the game levels for the songs, and share the artist’s game with their friends.  With one-third of people in the U.S. over 13 play mobile games monthly*, Music Monsters will give indie artists affordable access to nearly 100 million US consumers playing mobile games.

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BANDLOOT.COM - from musicians to musicians an app for band accounting

What started as a talk between co-workers at the company ”Earmaster” is now a free tool made by musicians, for musicians:

After a period of arguing with his band over financial confusion, an employee at Earmaster had an idea. An idea that his band – and everyone elses – could benefit from a tool to help keep the bandeconomy easy to handle. So after a talk during lunchbreak, a few co-workers started to develop an online app to keep tracks of the typical band finances. Who owes who, who payed for what, how much is left, etc.

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App for Musicians to create Setlists

Gigster - Setlists at your fingertips

With this great iPhone-App you can:

Create, play and share setlists for gigs and shows as a band, individual artist, manager or fan.

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myShuffle - an iPhone app that lets you play the music you like

myShuffle, an app that lets you shuffle through your music library while learning your music taste to maximise your musical experience. myShuffle puts you in control of your shuffle. With its simple and intuitive interface, myShuffle allows you to change the likelihood of songs and artists to be played again. With one-touch, myShuffle learns your musical taste and tailors your shuffling experience to match your very own musical taste.

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The Unofficial Guide to Mobile Roadie Core 

Have you ever considered creating your own iPhone app? Mobile Roadie is the best turnkey app creation tools on the market and since I’ve just successfully released my own app, i’d like to share the step by step process with you. Read on to discover how I took a few hundred dollars and flipped it into my own app within weeks.

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Hoodgrown Magazine: The First Hip Hop iPad Magazine App Launches!

What started as a print magazine that ceased publication due to increasing print cost and decreasing advertising revenue has returned as the first hip hop magazine app to hit the Apple store. Spearheaded by Chris “Cartel” English and Lord Jamar (of Brand Nubian fame), the Hoodgrown Magazine app is now available for download in the Apple App store.

“Though the website has been gaining in popularity I always knew that one day we would return to our print roots.” says Hoodgrown’s CEO, Chris English. “This app allows us to combine the best of the print and web experience in a whole new package. I’ll admit it took a little longer to bring to fruition than I would have liked, but already we’re improving on design and interactive elements.”

The app ia available as a free download in the app store as will each issue due to it’s advertiser supported model.

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Mobile Connect-with-Fans For DIY Artists – Why, And How? 

Recently, on I argued about how highly required it is for DIY artists to get mobile – to find a way for mobile communication with fans. Actually, it is key to truely connect with fans. Apparently, there’s a solution to that. Finally.

I know, it’s beaten to death… but – there is an app for that. Of course, the main issue in CwF (Connect-with-Fans) is authenticity. You can’t buy that, same with the quality of your music. Yet it is required to have something to grow that on. A medium like an app.

That’s why I was curious to see if there’s anything like that available for the common DIY artist. But first off, why is it necessary at all?

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