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Music Think Tank Open

Anybody (no really anybody) can contribute anything relevant to this page…All mp3s should be posted on the MTT radio page. If you cannot find your post here, your article may have been moved to the MTT homepage.

If you would like Music Think Tank to publish your contribution, please read our posting guidelines and our posting advice.

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ICONventional Music Service

ICONventional aims to give rising artists a chance to be noticed while making it easier for listeners to discover new music. Our online service relies on user participation, both through submissions of great music and support for the artists.

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Fearless Vision Marketing Releases New FEARLESS Website

Entertainment, Music, and Fashion Marketing Company releases the official website to provide its message to potential and existing clients.

(ATLANTA, GA – July 23, 2013) Fearless Vision Marketing (formerly Paina B Music Marketing) is excited to announce the release of its new official website. This marketing company was re-launched back in June 2013, offering marketing services to businesses and visionaries in the Entertainment, Music, and Fashion industries. With eye-catching and bold color schemes and content, this website will introduce potential and current clients to the Fearless Vision brand while providing information on the services offered for Entertainment Marketing, Music Marketing, and Fashion Marketing.

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Connecting Musicians

Here is an important initiative that you might like to join and share with friends ♪. is a new website that enables musicians to plot themselves on a shared map of the world and connect. It sounds quite simple but it’s actually very effective, and it’s free!

In our first few weeks on-line 100’s of musicians have already made their mark on the map, many of whom are in search of a teacher or local ensemble.

Join us at to find out more about the musicians in your community.


Kahne (Violin)

Founding Director @

A musicians initiative. Developed by musicians, for musicians.

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Incubus Manager launching mentoring site for musicians

My name is Steve Rennie and I am a personal manager for a rock band called Incubus. I’m starting a new website called Renman Music and Business featuring weekly webisodes designed to help musicians and industry hopefuls get your head in the right place to do something great in the music business. Live weekly webcasts hosted by me and my cast of cronies with live call-ins from real people looking for a little help in trying to make their dreams come true. And a community site where musicians can post their works and talk about it with people who give a shit. Join Renman Music & Business for a no bull-shit look at how to navigate your way around the music biz. RENMAN MUSIC and BUSINESS ( officially launches June 15th, 2012.


Make A Name For Yourself Online 

While some people become a musician because they like music and love to play or sing, most do it because they also hope they’ll become famous. Of course, with millions trying, it’s difficult to be that special singer or band everyone is talking about. Nowadays though, getting noticed is much easier than even ten years ago. That’s because of the internet.

Using the internet, any musician can hit the big time, and sometimes overnight. You just have to come up with a plan, use the best social media and, of course, be prepared for a lot of hard work.

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Online mastering - advice on choosing the right service for your music

Online mastering studios have been around for a number of years now and many musicians maybe be attracted to the lower prices. There is no doubt that saving some money is on a lot of peoples minds these days. This is understandable, however the online mastering services you can find on the internet are wide and varied along with the pricing that you can find. As an operator of a professional online mastering studio myself I find it quite alarming when looking at the websites of some people offering online mastering services. It is very obvious to a mastering professional what studios seem ill equipped or lacking in experience and skill that mastering requires. As such I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the things to look out for when choosing mastering. Firstly I will clarify what mastering is. Mastering is preparing a body of music works for final release medium. This involves fades, spacing, tonal sonic tweaks, tweaks to the dynamic range of the material, entering sub code data such as ISRC codes and UPC/EAN codes  and quality control. (click, glitch removal etc) A master format might be a CD-R pre master disk or a DDP file or .wav and MP3 files.

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Your Next Album Release Party Live On Your Website

A big part of planning an album release is throwing a release party on the night of street date. Pulling this together can often be stressful and expensive. In a perfect world, most bands want their release party to be a live event at a good venue in their hometown. Bring everybody out to a huge show on a monday or tuesday night, play to a big crowd of fans, friends and family and hopefully a few key record execs who are there to “check you out”. Everybody has fun, you sell a bunch of albums and you get some good press from the event to boot.

The problem is that this can be extremely difficult to pull off for most artists. Without the help of a PR company or a well-connected manager, it can be nearly impossible. But more to the point, is this event really something you should be spending so much time, money and resources on? For the ever growing number of artists who are selling their music direct-to-fan through their website it probably makes more sense all the way around to host your next album release party right from the comfort of your own home, studio or whatever location you have easy access to, and broadcast it live online.

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Music Promotion Tip: Create An Encyclopedia of Your Music Niche

In the past I have touched on the idea that you need to be a great source of information for your fans to have them coming back day after day. But recently I’ve come up with a new way to think about this idea to make things a bit more clear for you.

This is where the “Encyclopedia” concept comes in, because that word conjures up positive images in the mind of your fans right away.

Setting this up is simple…

You would have your own website with information about what you are up to, and then have another section called something like…

“The Death Metal Encyclopedia – Everything Your Need to Know About Everything!”

…or whatever kind of music that you play.

In this section you would make it your business to create the definitive guide to your music niche, and in the process you will start to build up a loyal following of aficionados who find your site through multiple google rankings. They will start to rely on you to keep them up to date with all the latest information.

You can keep track of your music news using the Google Music Alerts method that I talked about in a recent post.

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Hoodgrown Magazine: The First Hip Hop iPad Magazine App Launches!

What started as a print magazine that ceased publication due to increasing print cost and decreasing advertising revenue has returned as the first hip hop magazine app to hit the Apple store. Spearheaded by Chris “Cartel” English and Lord Jamar (of Brand Nubian fame), the Hoodgrown Magazine app is now available for download in the Apple App store.

“Though the website has been gaining in popularity I always knew that one day we would return to our print roots.” says Hoodgrown’s CEO, Chris English. “This app allows us to combine the best of the print and web experience in a whole new package. I’ll admit it took a little longer to bring to fruition than I would have liked, but already we’re improving on design and interactive elements.”

The app ia available as a free download in the app store as will each issue due to it’s advertiser supported model.

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Mobile Connect-with-Fans For DIY Artists – Why, And How? 

Recently, on I argued about how highly required it is for DIY artists to get mobile – to find a way for mobile communication with fans. Actually, it is key to truely connect with fans. Apparently, there’s a solution to that. Finally.

I know, it’s beaten to death… but – there is an app for that. Of course, the main issue in CwF (Connect-with-Fans) is authenticity. You can’t buy that, same with the quality of your music. Yet it is required to have something to grow that on. A medium like an app.

That’s why I was curious to see if there’s anything like that available for the common DIY artist. But first off, why is it necessary at all?

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