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How to Market Your Music Like Beyonce' 

Beyonce’ is considered one of the greatest entertainers today. She is known for her captivating stage show, excellent performance skills, and catchy tunes. But Beyonce’ is not only a great entertainer, she (her team) is a marketing genius as well. Beyonce’ took music fans by surprised when she released Beyonce’ a year ago without promotion. There are some principles that indie artists can apply from Beyonce’s marketing campaign.

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Do The Math: Indie vs Major – A Rap Breakdown

Too many times aspiring rappers see the artists with major label deals who seemingly don’t have to do their own hand to hand promo. This leads the unsigned artist in to mistakenly thinking that face to face interaction with fans is unnecessary. The majority of unsigned artists believe that the formula for success is:

  • good internet numbers;
  • major label artist features;
  • radio play; and
  • tour dates opening up for bigger acts


If the above were true – then every artist with some money and a lil sense would be successful. However, we who work with music everyday know that this is far from true. I’m sure that most people reading this know artists and/or indie labels who’ve spent millions to put the above pieces in place – yet never see any success or get a real return on investment.

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Online Music Marketing Strategies for Indie Musicians 

These days online music marketing is one of the most widely used forms of advertising and marketing used by musicians. But oddly enough most musicians do not have a plan in place as to how they plan on marketing their music. Most consists of random twitter and facebook posts, but have no strategy in place. I’m going to touch on a few things you can do right now to improve your music marketing. So here are 4 basic strategies you can put in place right now to take your online music marketing to the next level. 

1. Master a Few Proven Strategies Instead of Being “Good” at Several

Every day there is a new social website popping up. And many artists run to that new site and post all their information and where does it go? Nowhere. It is better to become a master of a few than to be good at many. For instance the three that I like to focus my time on is Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They all integrate extremely well, and so I can maximize my efforts. I also like to use a program called Hootsuite, because I can make several posts at once without ever going to a social page.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to land a great DJ residency

This infographic provides killer ways to ensure you land that DJ residency in the club you want to play in and ignite the fire in your DJing or electronic music career

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TIMING: An Important Aspect Of Promotions For Rappers

Not only do you need to time your release date so that your marketing and promotions won’t get over shadowed by larger, popular, superstar artists (promoting against releases by Jay Z, Kanye, and Lil Wayne will most likely diminish your efforts), but you need to make certain all of your marketing lands around the same time for your artist’s promotions.

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5 Tips for Promoting Your Music

How To Promote Yourself Online

1.  Set-up An Email List 

It surprises me how many artists still do not gather emails from their friends. I have talked to many artists who just lead people to their Facebook page for likes, without realizing that they don’t have complete control over who see’s their posts. Email lists are important because it allows you to reach fans directly, and update them on anything that you have going on whether it’s a tour, new album, or your if your just wanting to get feedback. Setting up an email list is easy, you can sign up for Mailchimp which is free for the first 2,000 subscribers. Mailchimp also has an analytics system so you can track the success of different email campaigns that you are running.


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Promote Your Music With These 5 Unique Ideas

When you want to promote your music, you have to think outside of the box. This doesn’t include email lists, social networks, networking, posting up fliers on the streets, etc… The best way to promote your music is to have fun and be unique. Use the following techniques along with your current promotional methods. Here are 5 ideas on how to promote your music thinking outside of the box. Merch Aside from the normal merch most bands offer such as shirts, stickers, posters, etc.., partner up with local companies and release some stuff other bands usually don’t release. For example, if fans know you or your band as a party type act, you could put out some bottle openers and drink coasters. You could sell or give these items to local bars and pubs and that way, your band is being promoted. If your band is geared towards the older folks, you could sell tooth pics, golg tees, etc.. Just find what suits best for your genre and sell it and get local companies to help promote your stuff.

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Feeding the Starving Musicians of Tomorrow

Music used to make millionaires. There was a time when Rock Stars were right up there with Russian Oil Oligarchs, a steady stream of champagne and cocaine trailing behind them as they traverse the globe on their private jets. Nowadays ‘rock stars’ are more commonly found lining the pavement leading up to the Job Centre. I know, I’m one of them. And whilst I, like most people, didn’t get into making music to be rich, as I sit and eat my Tesco Value beans on toast, I can’t help but ponder what the future holds for us all. So how did we get here? What went so wrong?

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(I) Submitting materials: artist one-sheets and college radio promotion.

This is part 1 of an article written from the perspective of a program director/MD focusing on the creation and submission of materials for college radio – as a radio promotion company, and independently – though many of these points can be extrapolated and applied to areas both inside and outside of the music industry.

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Feb192013 Launch - Helping Musicians to Easily Connect with Fans

San Diego, CA – February 19, 2013 – Zankme com, is putting a new spin on download cards with a simple way to help musicians connect with their fans. Zankme allows musicians to upload music, videos, photos or other digital media and immediately print custom download cards that can be sold or offered as promotional giveaways. Fans redeem the cards, and artists learn an array of information about their listeners including their email address and location.

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Using online video as a means of musical promotion

Video is quickly becoming very important when promoting goods or services and that means your band and music. Your music is an important service to humanity and is doubly important because it brings you an income. Youtube is of course still the most popular of the video hosting sites and you can use this site to promote yourself and your bands website.

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When Did Independent Musicians Settle For Waiting In Line And Following The Rules?

When did independent musicians settle for waiting in line and following the rules? While it’s important for both organization’s sake and quality’s sake for publications, festivals, radio shows, blogs, record labels, etc to have submission policies, do’s and don’ts, etc, I see a trend of conditioned illusion happening that I’d like to a set of walls placed around otherwise expansive creative musical minds.

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Practice Makes Perfect, But Promotion Makes Success In The Music Business

One of the most advantageous relationships an artist or band can have is with a promoter. At the local level, there seems to be a mystery as to what exactly the promoter does. “Does the promoter promote? Shouldn’t the promoter be responsible for bringing all the people if I’m putting everything into the music end?” These questions resemble those I hear from local artists on a semi-frequent basis. While that logic may seem like it makes a lot of sense, it can ultimately hurt the artist in the long run.

To answer the question; yes the promoter promotes. However, the promotional push varies at different levels based on the expected effectiveness. For example, a large national act or regional touring band has a recognizable name. If I’m promoting a show with a headlining act with a solid fan base, investing in print ads, radio spots, and other means of advertising may make a lot of sense. The average concertgoer will see that name and make it a point to go to that show. The context of the promotional push is much less important at this level. Whether you see a facebook post from your favorite band or a flyer at your bus stop, you’re going to that show regardless of how you found out about it.

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New music promotion and competition website

This article covers the new music promotion platform Beat 100 and how you can use it to help your music promotion efforts. Beat 100 is a new social music networking website with a monthly music competition and great opportunities for music exposure.

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