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Oliver Trolley release new single Forty-Five

San Diego, CA - Oliver Trolley is releasing a new single Forty-Five April 28, 2015 off their upcoming EP that is set to release late Summer/ early Fall. The EP has yet to be named and is the fourth EP for the energetic San Diego quartet.
“You just never know when a song will come to you,” says Kevin Childs, lead singer for Oliver Trolley. “I was watching Gladiator  with Russell Crowe when I wrote the song, I was imagining what the Gladiators endured before they entered the Roman Coliseums. How they felt knowing that life could end at any moment. I added my modern day version of how they talked smack back then with the I Got Forty-Five on it says you ain’t goin do Sh… part.”
Oliver Trolley is a 4 piece indie/rock band hailing from the sunny shores of San Diego. They released their first EP “Circles” in 2011 and have been on the grind ever since. Priding themselves on their energetic live performance, the Oliver Trolley boys have been touring the country in support of their most recent release “Back to the Start”, bringing with them catchy tunes guaranteed to make you get up in your seat and dance.
The band is currently writing and recording their new EP. They will be performing the new single Forty-Five at both single release parties in Las Vegas at Backstage Bar and  Billiards on 5/8 and Los Angeles at Amplyfi on 5/16. All who attend will receive the song Forty-Five for free. For more info please visit 

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