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Pretty Picture by Katia

Pretty Picture- Katia

A classically trained pianist who remains one of the youngest vocal soloists ever to perform with the Russian Philharmonic, New York-based singer-songwriter Katia has a pop music style as unique as her background. Songs like her debut single “Girl Like Me” reveal her classical melodicism within a pure pop context, in which her lyrics-about the “day-to-day stuff that girls go through,” she says in typically engaging perfect English-are nailed by her beautiful but insistent singing voice.


Stars by Lily Sparks

Stars- Lily Sparks

Forged in the crucible of the New York rock scene, Lily Sparks has emerged with a unique voice. Flanked by glitter guitars that alternate between crunch and wail, the singer’s got a set of pipes that can go from fragility to fury in a heartbeat. These girls play hard-rocking, toe-tapping songs that’ll make you want to shout and sing along.


Magic by Emily Zuzik

Magic- Emily Zuzik

It’s a heartfelt song about star-crossed lovers and dedicated to anyone who’s recognized love’s connection and sacrificed it to avoid hurting others in the way. A favorite song in live shows, Emily produced this recording of Magic with good friend and former bandmate, Irakli Gaprindashvili, who claims to have loved the song from first hearing it at the late night open mic at Three of Cups Lounge in NYC.


Better Mind by The Twin Cats

Better Mind- The Twin Cats

Indianapolis, Indiana’s prog-funk ensemble, The Twin Cats, have been on the path to creating their own distinctive approach to fusion music since their line up was finalized in 2004 by blending influences from funk to prog rock, jazz and electronica.


Breathless by Little Invisibles

Breathless- Little Invisibles

“I’ve always been drawn to the darker sides of art and music,” says Little Invisibles vocalist Gina Degnars. “Even back when I started taking piano lessons, when I was seven years old—I always wanted to play the minor chords, not the major ones. There’s a powerful beauty in darkness, I think.”


Make A Change by John Brodeur

Make A Change- John Brodeur

“Get Through,” the latest solo release from NYC-based recording artist John Brodeur, features 12 songs forged by the intersection of darkness and light: Heavy lyrical themes are matched with major-key musical turns, and given occasional lift by the artist’s trademark sense of humor.

I’m raising funds through to issue a remastered and expanded version of my debut album, Tiger Pop, on the occasion of its 10th birthday. In addition to giving the original disc a once-over and revamping the artwork, I plan to add a second disc featuring demos, alternate mixes, lost tracks and new recordings. Ten percent of all the funds raised through this project will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The disc will be released in fall 2010. Details are at


Addicted - Kelli Renee

Addicted - Kelli Renee

Kelli Renee is a multi-talented performer born in Los Angeles, Calif. This beautiful songstress with “a girl next door “vibe and an allure that is so appealing is an amazing singer, dancer, and aspiring actress.


Nighttime Businessman - Don Sprik

Nighttime Businessman - Don Sprik

Veteran rock singer, Don Sprik, has titled his fourth CD Nighttime Businessman. These two words likely conjure up everything from graveyard shift workers, to lovers that no doubt ‘get around.’ But Sprik’s intention with this new disc’s title track is not quite so dreary as putting in man hours during the middle of the night, nor does it refer to some kind of late night Lothario. Instead, this gravelly-voiced singer is, instead, referring to the greatly underappreciated job of empathetic friendship. In this particular case, he’s playing the listening ear to a woman who has surely been done wrong. “It’s a song about just trying to come along side of her,” Sprik explains, “not trying to give her a bunch of advice, but just trying to be there.”


B. Honey by Benjamin McCarthy

B. Honey by Benjamin McCarthy

An Australian musician, did everything you hear in the spare room - writing, all instruments, and tying his own shoelaces.

Writes choruses so good you could clean your teeth with them -



Welcome Back by The Disappeared

We are The Disappeared, a four piece, indie guitar band. We write songs about the world as we see it - a good, bad, ugly and beautiful place.

Where are we from
We are from Manchester, England. It is well-known as the home of Joy Division, New Order, the Buzzcocks, the Smiths, Stone Roses, the Chameleons, Oasis, Elbow and lots of other great bands. That’s a lot to live up to, but we do.

What do we sound like
Indie guitar music at its best. The Disappeared reflect the sound of bands like The Clash, Bloc Party and The Cribs. If you like your guitar bands with attitude, intelligence and great tunes, you’re in the right place!

Download free MP3s and find out more at .


Welcome Back by The Disappeared


Ata Fou by Te Vaka

Ata Fou by Te Vaka

Te Vaka is a group of musicians and dancers from Tokelau, Tuvalu, Samoa, Cook Islands and New Zealand brought together under the inspired leadership of Opetaia Foa’i. Te Vaka has been enchanting the world with their own brand of South Pacific Fusion since 1997. Using the rhythms of the log drum (“pate”), combined with traditional and contemporary instruments, Opetaia Foa’i and the band deliver a kaleidoscopic array of Pacific flavors in a genre all of it’s own.


May by Show Me The Skyline

May by Show Me The Skyline

At 17, Larzz Principato isn’t afraid to shake things up. He’s a singer/songwriter/guitarist and also founder of Show Me the Skyline a Pop/Rock band hailing from New Fairfield, CT. Larzz says, “I think that my fans identify with my music because most of my songs are about relationships. I write about love, sex, breaking up and eventually being strong enough to try again.”


Come'on in my Kitchen by Black Madam  

Come’on in my Kitchen by Black Madam

The music business often attempt to place artists into a box in order to market said artist to the public. But what happens when an artist emerges that cannot be bound by stereotypes or conventional logic? What happens when an artist is fully capable of singing, rapping and producing? What happens is she calls herself Black Madam and creates her own lane.


Let Go - Unknown The Universal Element

Let Go - Unknown The Universal Element

Unknown The Universal Element: Unknown or as he is simply called ”Un” has been dedicated to music since his youth.Today Unknown the Universal Element is looking to expand his music worldwide. He does not censor his music or altar his sound for anyone it is all about integrity.


Airplane - peter comes from neverland

Airplane - peter comes from neverland

peter comes from neverland: A melt of gutsy vocals, sexy guitars and genre-defying songwriting.


Unknown Roads - Zach Maxwell

Unknown Roads - Zach Maxwell

Like the rest of life, music shouldn’t make you feel like you’re just punching the clock or spinning your wheels. It should be a journey. One in which the artist weaves together his or her experiences into impeccably performed songs that not only appeal to the ear with strong hooks and addictive melodies, but also resonate deeply on an emotional level. Tunes that have the power to directly move the listener to their very core, and perhaps even serve as reassuring beacons during difficult times. Such a skill is, of course, a rare gift for any artist, and one that takes most of them decades to attain, if at all. And yet it’s a skill that Zach Maxwell, still only in his mid twenties, already has—in abundance.




Springtime is a classical waltz composition for full orchestra. The theme imparts a happy uplifting mood.

I used a fair interplay between the strings and woodwind section, and between major and minor key sections to give it a rich  and pleasant listening experience.

Hope you enjoy it!

Jean Paul

Check out  for more of my compositions!



Looking for Change - Purple Tree

Looking for Change - Purple Tree

Purple Tree: John Lennon meets early Pink Floyd.


Find A Way - Mojada

Find A Way - Mojada

MOJADA  (mo-jah-da) 

After taking out the 2009 New Artists to Radio Competition, Mojada’s ‘Find A Way’ has been warming up the Australian music scene as the teaser first single release from their Debut Studio Album. 

Find A Way was the #1 most added track to Australian Commercial Radio (Adult Contemporary), and #6th overall in its week of release. Since then it has been on the Top 20 most played Independent artists chart each week, and has been added to Pay TV and Free to Air Music channels. 

After arriving back from the USA at the start of 2009 with some fresh mixes, Mojada capped off their most successful year to date ahead of their Debut Studio Album release set for later in 2010.

After landing sync deals for 2 of the tracks from their US mixed April released EP ‘Exactly’, a 3rd track went on to win the 2009 New Artists to Radio Competition..!


Pockets Full of Gold - Danika Holmes

Pockets Full of Gold - Danika Holmes

Americana singer/songwriter Danika Holmes states, “Through my songs I hope to touch hearts in the tough times, as well as celebrate life in the good time.”

Danika first sat at a piano as a tot, has been writing since her teens, and picked up guitar in her 20’s.  After an attempt at a normal career and nearly finishing her PhD,  Danika’s heart pulled her full circle back to where she started, with music.