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4 Places Every Music Lover Needs To Visit In Their Lifetime

 No matter the genre, there are plenty of places lovers of music can go to revel in the vibe of their favorite music. Music continues to be one of the art forms that brings people together, and at its best, it lifts the spirits and moves the soul. It’s only fitting that music fans should visit some of the places that pay tribute to the musical experience.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland, Ohio

For true fans of rock music, Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a bucket list pilgrimage. Visitors get an in depth look at the history of the music that changed the world, and plenty of splendid artifacts from performers who continue to impact culture today. The Beatles exhibit is a must see for rock music aficionados.

Bourbon Street - New Orleans, Louisiana

A walk down Bourbon Street is a walk down a living and breathing tribute to jazz music. Visitors can hear a variety of America’s contribution to the music scene, from Dixieland to traditional to modern fusion, it’s all there to be taken in. And the New Orleans atmosphere is as compelling as the music it fosters. Some people love this location so much they actually decide to their golden years in New Orleans. For someone who loved listening to blues and jazz their entire life, actually living in it is an upgrade.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum - Nashville, Tennessee

The Country Music Hall of Fame is not only a great destination for fans of country music, it’s also a great excuse to visit the evolving cultural scene that is today’s Nashville. Even for the casual fan of country, the detailed looks into the careers of icons like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams will captivate as they unveil the roots of a musical movement that continue to gain momentum today.

The Experience Music Project - Seattle, Washington

Visitors to The Experience Music Project not only get a full immersion into cutting edge musical expressions, they will also get a full exposition of the pop culture phenomenon that both influenced and was influenced by modern music. Those who aren’t the biggest music fans will find plenty of interesting concepts to ponder.

Part of the fun of visiting these musical monuments is the opportunity to take in the flavor of the cities where they happen to be located. With all of its great restaurants and general joi de vivre, New Orleans is a place to be savored as many times as possible. Cleveland’s working class vibe is as real as it gets, and Cleveland Rocks is more than just a slogan. The natural beauty that’s part of Seattle is a wonderful complement to its thriving music scene, and Nashville is a great place to find a nice pub and contemplate the musical history it continues to make.

4 Places Every Music Lover Needs To Visit In Their Lifetime

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