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8 Best Musicians Of All Time Who Ruled Pop Music

Pop music is the most popular forms of music in the world. The history has seen some of the best pop music stars that have a following that number in millions. In this article, we are going to list some of the most popular pop stars in the history of music:

1.    Elvis Presley
Known as the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley is one of the most popular artists of all time. He was the most popular pop star during the 50s and 60s era. He was more popular for his dance moves than his singing skills. Elvis Presley has sung over 700 songs and got numerous accolades and awards for his outstanding music talent.

2.    Michael Jackson

The untimely death of Michael Jackson shocked the world and created a vacuum in the music world. Michael Jackson was fondly called the King of Pop by his fans and music critics. He is considered the greatest pop music artists of all time and has inspired many pop artists to follow his footsteps.
He was particularly known for his unmatched dancing skills and brilliant compositions. He was an outstanding performer who mesmerized the audience for his awesome live performances.

3.    John Lennon
John Lennon is a cult figure in pop music and was the poster face of the Beatles. He was a rage during the 60s and 70s. He was an explosive talent and rocked the pop music for more than two decades until his tragic death in 1980. He was the singer and guitarist of the Beatles. He made an indelible mark in music and is still considered an icon in pop music.

4.    Prince
True to his name, Prince was the real prince of pop who was extremely popular in the music world for his superb music renditions and fashion sense. Prince has produced many successful albums and has sold over 100 million records. He has won 8 Grammy award, an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe Award for many of his fabulous works.

5.    Madonna
The charisma of this immensely popular pop star has wooed hearts of millions of people around the world. Her eccentric fashion sense, aesthetic dance moves, and incredible singing range made her the most beloved pop music artist of the 80s and 90s.
Her claim to fame is the fact that her seven albums have topped American charts. She has the distinction of being the best-selling female singer of all time.

6.    Lady Gaga
A newer artist in this list, Lady Gaga has many reasons to be the top artist in pop music. She is a world-famous music artist who is famous for her outrageous wardrobe, upbeat singing abilities, and super dancing skills. She is one of the best-selling music artists and among the top-selling pop female artists. She has won many awards and accolades for her distinct music skills.

7.    Britney Spears
One of the most popular pop music artists of the recent times, Britney Spears has built a phenomenal fan following for her exceptional vocals, and amazing dancing skills. She has numerous awards to her credits and has got praises for many of her albums. She is considered a style icon and has influenced a generation with her sense of style.

8.    Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey is one of the most versatile pop stars who can sing in various different ranges. Her singles topped the charts for many years. She is the face of American pop music during the 1990s and she got the title of the best-selling recording artists of the decade. She was awarded the title of “Artist of the Millennium award.
These are some of the award-winning pop artists who have revolutionized the world of music. They inspired a generation with their sense of music and continue to inspire the musicians of the modern time.

Author Bio
Anna Marsh is a blogger, music buff, and an educator. She is regarded as one of the best professionals to get assignment writing service. She has a strong interest in music and films and has written plenty of articles on the subjects. In addition, she has an interest in book reading, painting, and cooking.

8 Best Musicians Of All Time Who Ruled Pop Music

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