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Amp It Up: 4 Ways To Increase The Gain On Your Next Performance

A huge part of performing is playing to your audience. Many musicians make the mistake of solely focusing on the craft of the music. Practice does make perfect, but here are some other ways that you can increase the gain on your performance.

Practice Your Role

If you’re playing as a group, make sure to understand your role. Practice together so that you look like a cohesive group. The music can only carry you so far when you’re performing. The visual effect that you have on the audience can make it more memorable. Assign tasks to each member of the group when you’re on stage. This way you won’t be interrupting each other or come off sounding flat. Make sure to coordinate your outfits so that you look like a band.

Check Your Sound

Another part of creating a memorable performance is to have good sound. A sound check prior to your performance is crucial. This is your last opportunity to tweak anything that doesn’t sound right. Make sure to place your equipment in the right places so that you can boast the experience. Use an extension cord, like those available from Americord, so that your equipment can be where you need it. After you have everything set, don’t mess with it. You don’t want to throw off the hard work that went into perfecting the sound for the audience.

Use the Right Equipment

The right equipment is critical for you to increase your gain. There is a difference between gain and volume. They may be interrelated, but just increasing the volume won’t make it sound better. You need the right mix so that you don’t sound distorted when you’re projecting to your audience. A good mixer can help you to get the level that you want. You have to increase your signal performance without sounding digitized.

Focus on the Music

Your audience is there to see you perform. Don’t waste so much effort on the visual aspects of the performance that you forget about the music itself. Make sure to not have the music so loud that you can’t be heard. If your audience wanted to just listen to the music, they could do that at home. This is where having the right equipment in the right places is going to pay off. You have more control over how your performance is received.

Performing is its own art form. Use these tips to help you increase your gain. Making great music is a lot of fun, so be sure to put your whole heart and soul into every practice and performance.

Amp It Up: 4 Ways To Increase The Gain On Your Next Performance

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