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Don't Scratch It! How To Safely Relocate Your Instruments During A Move

If you’re a musician, then there’s a good chance that your instruments mean more to you than words can describe. You play and care for them every single day, always making sure that they’re in tip-top condition. But what happens when it’s time for you and your instruments to move into new digs? Here are four tips to help you move your instruments safely without scratching, dinging or denting them. 

Make Sure Every Instrument has a Hard Case

It might seem like common sense, but before you even consider moving your musical instruments, be sure that you have a hard case for each piece of equipment. It’s not uncommon, especially if you’ve bought some of your gear used, to end up with instruments that either have no case or a soft gig bag. Take stock of the cases you have for your instruments before moving and buy a hard case for anything that doesn’t already have one. 

Pack Instruments in Their Cases

Even if you have a top-quality case, it may not be enough to simply place an instrument inside. Use bubble wrap, tissue paper or towels to fill in any free spaces that might allow your instrument to shift in transit. Ideally, the case should be filled in enough to make it impossible for your instrument to move. 

Slacken Strings and Keep an Eye on Weather Conditions

As any musician will tell you, instruments are picky about climate. Moving from one place to another can cause warping of wooden parts. For this reason, it’s best to remove the tension from the strings of stringed instruments and to keep a close eye on the temperature and humidity of the vehicle you are using to transport your instruments. According to instrument auction site, it can also be a good idea to let your instruments sit in their cases or boxes for a while after you arrive. 

Hire a Professional Moving Service

If you’re really worried about your instruments arriving safely, hire an instrument-conscious moving service. This is especially important if you’re trying to move a piano or something as big as a cello. Professional movers, such as those at Bekins Van Lines Inc, should be able to ensure that your instruments are handled with care. Also, you don’t want to forget about getting moving company insurance so that you can have peace of mind in case anything does go wrong. 
Whether you’re an amateur musician or a seasoned pro, moving your instruments correctly is important. Take care to move them properly, or hire a moving service to do it for you, and you’ll get many more years of enjoyment from your favorite instruments.

About the Author

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

Don't Scratch It! How To Safely Relocate Your Instruments During A Move

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