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How Music is Maximizing Your Productivity 

Listening to music has been a crucial part of our global culture development since the beginning of time. We listen to music to celebrate, to mourn, to run and to improve our mood. But have you ever tried listening to music for productivity?

Here are some ways in which music affects this important aspect of our lives:


It boosts creativity

Music has always been related to creativity. People in creative industries like to play different types of songs in order to do better and more efficient work. Music inspires us and drives us through any creative block.


It boosts your speed

If you play a lively play list of songs and tunes, after a while you’ll notice just how much faster you have started doing. This is a common effect that music can have on people. With tasks that involve numbers especially, classical music works best. Listen to Vivaldi or Mozart in order to work faster.


It improves concentration

Music without lyrics has been famous for helping people concentrate on their work. Familiar tunes, classical music and ambient sounds can help your mind focus on what’s ahead of you and tune out the rest of the world. Music with lyric can be less successful in this since lyrics make you focus on the message the song carries or memories related to the song rather than the work in front of you.


Music can improve attitude

If you came to work feeling lazy and unwilling to do anything, playing some music can help you fix your attitude and feel better. “Music is often used in large shopping centres as a way to inspire customers and get them excited about shopping - this is where upbeat, happy pop music works best. When you listen a few of these songs and then move on to more calming tunes, you’ll feel like nothing can stop you in your work”, - says India Bell, a HR Manager from Origin Writings and 1Day2write.


Music improves memory

Music induces a state of meditation, putting you in a mindful state which is great for retaining information. Again, classical music proves to be an amazing ally here, especially listening to Mozart, Beethoven or Vivaldi. But jazz tunes can help you remember almost as much, involving good moods at the same time.


Builds a pace in your work

Listening to music can help you build a pace in work. This, again, will depend on your taste and mind. For some people, hard Rock music works perfectly while some hate it and are unable to work with it. Choose your tunes wisely and experiment with genres.


Drowns out distractions

If you have people interrupting you while you are working or the constant chatter bothers you, there is no better solution than listening to music. “It drowns out all of the noise so you can focus but it also gives your coworkers a hit that they shouldn’t talk to you, especially if you are wearing headphones”, - says Michael Enoch, a Creative writer at Writemyx.


What Kind Of Music Works?

Most experts recommend tunes without lyrics since these don’t distract you from your mission to get the work done. Here are some examples of what you could listen to:

  • Ambient soundtracks - You could listen to the sounds of a coffee shop, a restaurant, seaside ambient, traffic ambient and so on. Pick the sounds you like the best.

  • Video game music - Video game music was made specifically to build people’s emotions up and make the more energized and focused. Try listening to some in your workplace

  • Epic music - Epic music is similar to that from legendary fantasy movies like the Lord Of The Rings and so on. Just like game music, it’s made to make listeners more focused.

  • Nature music - Nature music is another popular option for productivity. It’s not intrusive and it allows you to focus while it calms you at the same time.

  • Classical music - Classical music is one of the best options out there for anyone who wants to focus and work without distractions. Its benefits have been proven many times.


Adelina Benson is an email marketer and writer at Academic Brits. Her main tasks involve developing marketing strategies and best practices for email marketing. In her free time she enjoys writing articles about exciting topics and her personal interests as well as exploring new ways to connect with people and share her knowledge


How Music Is Maximizing Your Productivity

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