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How To Stay Sober And Safe At A Concert

Concerts are great events for most people, and the energy of the crowd is as much a part of the show as the performers. There are multiple factions and demographics when the concert is a particularly big event, such as an all-day festival where people actually set up tents and other camping equipment. Depending on the circumstances, the excitement of the event also comes with potential opportunity to indulge in drugs and alcohol that many people do not enjoy. And, for those who are in recovery, this can be a particularly uncomfortable situation. This does not mean that anyone cannot attend a show and stay sober and safe while still enjoying the music, but there are some situations to avoid concerning both sobriety and safety.

Do Not Go Alone

Concerts are always more fun when you go with a group, and fun is always the purpose of going anyway. It is always good to choose individuals who do not drink or do recreational drugs if the group is together for both sobriety and safety reasons. And, make sure the group stays together, even when attending an outdoor show or a multiple-day campground event. There are often many situations where vehicles are being driven in campground situations, and the opportunity for an automobile accident with any type of motor vehicle is heightened. Professionals, like those at Knochel Law Offices PC, know that this makes an automobile accident a very real possibility.  Always make sure to check your mirrors and be aware of your surroundings in such situations.

Avoid the Floor Area if Possible

This can be largely dependent on the actual structure of the concert area. Outdoor events usually require people to bring their own supplies, which can be both good and bad. There are often multiple thousands of concert-goers at any event and the potential for an injury or being caught in a bad segment of the crowd is always present.

Avoid Huge Standing Crowds

Most outdoor events will commonly include all-standing situations while the music is playing, which is very dangerous to begin with and does not allow for a pleasant experience in terms of the music. When possible, choosing a side seat is often best, but many times in numbered seating venues you will be told where to sit by the ushers. This is actually best in terms of both staying sober and being safe.

Avoid Areas Where Drug Use Could Happen

For general festival seating areas that do not have chairs and the crowd is largely standing, avoid groups of people that may be using drugs in the open because second hand smoke can be a problem as well as temptation. Many major arenas do not allow any smoking inside the building, but it is almost impossible to police the middle of a standing compact concert crowd.

Attending a concert can still be a fun and safe experience, even when not under the influence of chemicals. Just remember that it is important to consider the possible problems associated with the crowd before making the decision to buy a concert ticket. And, always remember follow a few rules and take safety devices such as a cell phone and mini-flashlight.

How To Stay Sober And Safe At A Concert

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