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Infographic: Artist RoadMap to Social Media

This article is by Brendan Moore (@webmusicguy), Founder of Receptive Music, a digital music marketing company that makes the web work for artists. He posts regularly on Receptive Music’s blog.

Click to Enlarge Image:

Artist RoadMap to Social Media

I was recently asked to create a list of all the digital services and tools an artist can use for social media, as it’s often overwhelming to comprehend all the tools online when you’re trying to focus on making good music. So here it is.

“Social Media” is a very broad term, and I have included tools that should be essential to your digital strategy, but may lie outside of the “social media” definition.

It’s nearly impossible to be comprehensive in a list like this, but hopefully my own take on the following tools for artists is helpful for you.  The other catch is that this list will surely become outdated quickly, as the ever-changing nature of the social world exists. Feel free to voice your additions in the comments below, and I’m sorry if I left out your favorite service!

Here’s an important tip: Don’t go just sign up for each of these sites. The key to social media is to only use the networks that you can use effectively.  If you don’t have enough time to maintain and make effective use of 5 separate services, then don’t.  Focus on the ones you can manage, and be effective there.

Reader Comments (3)

Bandcamp isn't a sharing site, it's an e-commerce site (online store). Yes artists can give their music away for free on Bandcamp but it works best at what it was built for; Selling music using the freemium model.

#note to bands - It should not be used as an artist website, unless you want your visitors to BOUNCE!

August 25 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew Wilkinson

Hey Andrew,

You're right. Bandcamp is definitely an e-commerce tool as well, and an effective one at that!


August 25 | Registered CommenterBrendan Moore

You left out some very important Direct-to-Fan / Distributors...

August 25 | Unregistered CommenterTed N.

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