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MTT Open: Google Music, Recording Vocals, & Is the Internet Dead?

Record Any Vocals Lately? Read this.

(UPDATED) Hakim Callier writes about the art of recording vocals. He talks about different aspects of recording from the perspectives of an audio engineer and a vocalist. The producer or engineer usually wants the vocalist to be comfortable to get the best recording. Read on for more details on the art of recording.

“This is important because in a musical production, the human voice not only tells the story of the song, by communicating the emotions and sentiment through language and other expressions, but it naturally wants to be heard above all else because of its frequency range.” (Read On)

Google Music Shuts Out Independent Artists

Noe Pacheco posts details about Google’s plans for a music service which outlines ways to help major artists, but doesn’t mention independent artists. The proposed plan is for a cloud-based service where consumers keep their music in a locker for $25 a year and can be streamed or downloaded. Google’s music service poses as an iTunes competitor. However, many major online music retailers are still leaving out indie artists that may be worthy of the service.

“Today, “quality” indie music is being made and is available for purchase. It would just be great for the music to be sold on such a large platform.” (Read On)

Is the Internet Dead or just Dead to Artists?

Andy Jones ponders the question: Is the Internet dead? In his opinion, artists always need to work hard to become successful and can’t rely solely on the Internet as a gateway to music success. He uses Fall Out Boy as an example of success, but could the band have found success without the Internet? Andy says yes. So…is the internet dead?

“I have come to conclusion that the artists that have found success from the internet would have found it no matter what.” (Read On)

Natalie Cheng is the intern at Music Think Tank.

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