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The musicology is the scientific or academic study of all phenomena related to music, as its physical basis, its history and its relationship to the human being and society. Their guidelines are very diverse, emphasize different work areas, objects of study and research problems. Musicology it defined and developed very differently according to the different national traditions.

Musicology is bound to investigate music from a physical, psychological, aesthetic, historical and cultural perspective. Musicology is dedicated to studying the musical phenomenon from a theoretical, academic discourse and vision. Even it includes the sociocultural implications of music.

The musicologist is like the composer, instrumentalist or conductor, i.e. a company specializing in a field of music person, but dedicated to generating specific knowledge about the musical phenomenon. It can be a professional whose formation is related to ethnomusicology, theory and history of music, musicology or some other specialty. A musicologist is a practical musician who ventures into the academic study of music or a professional trained in some other scientific or humanistic discipline studying music. Communicate and share knowledge about music is its rationale in society.


Communicate the sense of music

Many musicologists are practical even professional musicians who have dabbled in music academic research, or that have formed in some other humanistic or scientific specialty that includes music as an object of study. Ultimately, musicology aims to communicate the sense of music from a theoretical and academic perspective to understand what their role in society. Musicology deals with any phenomenon linked to music: from its historical development, including its relationship with humans and their influence on social, among many other derivations. It is a broad discipline, which not only includes different branches but also several schools with their particular approaches to study its main object of analysis, which is none other than music and its manifestations.

Musicology and music history

The history of music, also known as historical musicology, is a subject included in musicology as a discipline. It focuses clarify how music has evolved over the millennia. It involves studying documents such as biographies of composers, works of famous musicians and any manuscript that is usable for understanding the link between music, speech and society where it has developed.

The study of non-Western music

Usually musicology it is also associated with the analysis of non - Western music, and certainly many of the musicological ethno investigations have focused on manifestations of popular musical environment, or appearing outside the West. However, this does not mean that ethnomusicology cannot engage in Western classical music from an anthropological vision.

Musicological research

Musicological approach to a given subject often includes a comprehensive study of what has been published on the subject, recordings and transcriptions of music related to that topic, interviewing musicians linked to the object of study and even learn to execute that musical style.

On the other hand, the  new musicology with the study, criticism and analysis of music from alternative perspectives such as feminism , the work of Theodor Adorno or effeminacy theory. This is an academic attempt to go beyond the scope that has traditional musicology with the aim of finding innovative horizons and transgress study the phenomenon of music.

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