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Stop Typing and Start Shouting to Your Fans with Shoutomatic


I just found a brand new website called that lets you record audio updates to easily post to Facebook and Twitter, as well as posting an audio widget on your website. is extremely simple, I have already done a couple “Shouts” to test out the service. Here is a link to my profile on the site if you want to hear a couple examples of what I did. They also have a good video to help show you how to use all the features.

There are three ways you can record audio:

1. On their website, using your computers mic.
2. With a mobile app.
3. Calling a phone number.

You can record up to 30 seconds of audio using the website. Calling the phone number you can record as long as you like. If you record on the website, you can also append a mp3 file and tell it when to fade out the mp3 file. So you can record a 30 second shout talking about a new song, and then append that song to the shout and tell it to fade out the mp3 after 30 seconds… giving the fans a 30 second recording of you talking about the song that fades into a 30 second sample of the song.

The shout is then posted to your Facebook profile, your Facebook page or pages, as well as your Twitter account. You can also post directly on someone’s wall. From your Shoutomatic profile page, you can easily grab a short url for the message, or embed code to insert a player on your site. The file can also be downloaded. You can also schedule posts in the future, nice feature if you want to record shouts for all the songs on your album and then spread them out over time. Obviously your fans can then share the posts to their friends.

Here is something really interesting: each message you record also has a QR code generated so you can scan the QR code and immediately hear the message on your smartphone. Think about how you might use this… put a QR code on your merchandise that plays a thank you message. Use a QR code that delivers a special message and or a unreleased sample track. Put a QR code on a show flyer or poster that plays a message from you inviting them to the show, maybe announcing a special offer.

Some notes:

Calling the phone number will not at this time allow you to append a mp3 and as soon as you hangup it sends out the recording. You are not able to edit the text title of the recording. I did talk with Shoutomatic about giving you the option to record a message over the phone and not publish it immediately, so you can then go online and fix up the message.

On the website you can append the mp3 file, attach a photo and edit the text title.

You can also record a mp3 file of your message and upload it via the website rather than doing a live recording. The upload mp3 message can be as long as you like.

Here is what I would suggest you do:

1. Create a account on Shoutomatic. You will need to link your account to your Facebook and Twitter.
2. Think of something to talk about for each of your songs, no longer than 30 seconds.
3. Record the message and then append the song to the message. Fade out the song at 30 songs.
4. When you are done recording you have the option to Schedule when to post or post it live to your various accounts.
5. Embed the Shoutomatic widget on your site so your visitors can hear your shouts right on your website.

What impressed me about Shoutomatic was the service was simple enough that I think any musician could quickly record a message and append a mp3 file and immediately send it out to their social networks.

Just another way to try and engage with your fans. Give it a try!

Posted By: Michael Brandvold (Michael is a 20 year music marketing veteran who has worked with unsigned indie bands and international superstars. Michael owns Michael Brandvold Marketing a site dedicated to providing tips and advice for musicians.)

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Reader Comments (5)

Great write up, Michael. This is definitely a cool service that I've been using to introduce my "Artist To Entrepreneur" shouts.

I encourage all artists to use it to quickly introduce and spread your new song across the internet, share photos with a story, and so much more!

I'm hijacking your post, Michael, to invite people to hook up with me on ShoutOmatic, as well. ;)

Wicked D Harrison on ShoutOmatic! \m/

September 8 | Registered CommenterWicked D Harrison

Thanks for this post - sounds like a great feature for artists.

Quick question - do you know if Shoutomatic has a Facebook integration option that allows you to create a Shoutomatic tab on your artists' Facebook page?

September 8 | Unregistered CommenterEthan Schiff

After visiting the site and linking my Facebook account I got on my iPod Touch and downloaded the app. Two things annoyed me with the app:

1) The 'welcome' message kept popping up telling me to link up my accounts. Did that already!

2) The audio quality recorded on the Touch was horrible. It wasn't even low-grade MP3. I've used a number of apps on the Touch to record some very, very good, crisp interview audio so I know what the Touch is capable of. What the Shoutomatic app recorded was of terrible quality.

September 8 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

Looks like has real potential; QR code angles particularly... thanks, Michael!

September 10 | Unregistered CommenterDG

Thanks everyone! There is some definite room for improvement and a few bugs, but when I chatted with the developer they seemed to be aware of all issues and eager to take any input.

September 11 | Unregistered CommenterMichael Brandvold

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