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Tracking Service Puts Heat On Broken Radio Royalty Business Model w/ Latest Tracking Software

WARM, an acronym for World Airplay Radio Monitor, is a real-time radio tracking service and app, is offering unique access to radio airplay monitoring for musicians. This provides a game-changing and powerful new tool for artists, managers, and labels to improve control of royalty collection, optimize promotion strategies, target new markets and more. 


WARM launched in April 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s founder, Jesper Skibsby, is a veteran of the Danish music industry and heads a staff of three based in Copenhagen. WARM currently monitors 25,000 FM, DAB and online radio stations in 130 countries which is approximately 70% more stations than the three biggest services combined. WARM recently placed 1st in SLUSH music startup competition, South Summit startup competition, and Creative Business Cup. 

In a recent report, it was exposed that there are currently more than 51,000 global radio stations, but only a small percentage of these global stations are covered when it comes to evaluation royalties paid to artists. Current monitors such as BMAT, Radio Monitor and Soundcharts only cover 3,500 / 4,000 / 350 radio stations. Thousands of stations worldwide could be playing music without paying the artist and without the artist gaining recognition for their work. 

WARM envisions a more democratic music industry and is working towards this by offering affordable access to airplay data for independents. This levels the playing field in an area of the industry where previously information was only accessible to the major players. With WARM, artists at any level can now easily get detailed insight into when and where their song is being played around the world.


“Right now, we have a music industry that has been built on reporting,” said Skibsby. “Rather than functioning globally and allowing artists to oversee when and where plays happen, monitoring often happens locally instead — through reports, sample tests and market share estimation. This is far from efficient, as the money that comes from the majority of radio plays isn’t distributed to the correct rights-holders.”

By pinpointing exactly in which territories a song is being played, artists and their teams can use the increased transparency to improve their royalty collection as well as their overall marketing strategy. This includes optimizing social media and radio promotion, enabling geographically targeted tour booking and targeting fans and followers in other countries and cities.  

“My biggest hopes are that all the rights holders and musicians eventually will be able to see every time they are being cheated or if something is not correct. Everyone should be able to easily audit their revenues, we are in 2018, this is possible.” 

Using WARM is as simple as buying a subscription, uploading a song and you’re good to track all music plays. The first song a user uploads is free for the first month and after that the pricing plans starts at just $5 per song. For more information on WARM, visit 


Tracking Service Puts Heat On Broken Radio Royalty Business Model w/ Latest Tracking Software

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