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Recent Advancements In Music Technology

It’s hard to even process the fact that, just over a century ago, the average person had no easy way to access music on a regular basis, apart from attending live performances. Over the course of the 20th century, the musical world improved by leaps and bounds thanks to the popularization of things like radio, television, and personal music players.

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Tracking Service Puts Heat On Broken Radio Royalty Business Model w/ Latest Tracking Software

WARM, an acronym for World Airplay Radio Monitor, is a real-time radio tracking service and app, is offering unique access to radio airplay monitoring for musicians. This provides a game-changing and powerful new tool for artists, managers, and labels to improve control of royalty collection, optimize promotion strategies, target new markets and more. 

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Do We Need A System To Rate Music?

In an era of mass music media that begs for better music selection - music rating services are now providing ‘healthier’ choices of music, benefiting the audience, and supporting the music business.

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Allmusicrating Has Launched Its First Music Rating System Called EARs©

“Music discovery services are now trying to suggest new bands and new music to listeners, but what is happening is that users are blasted with recommendations that are offering ‘more of the same” says Elias, the founder of EARs. “What we are trying to do is provide users with a service of making their own music selection’s, based on their own taste”.

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How Technology Has Changed The Online Musical Marketplace

The music industry is in a state of flux. Technology has changed the way musicians play and how engineers produce music, but most of the impact can be measured in how listeners consume and discover music. But what are the main technologies and platforms, who drives these trends and how has the business end held up? Here’s a look at how technology has changed the way people listen, buy, sell and discover music.

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Music Tech Startup Soundstr Closes $1.1M In Seed Financing

Soundstr, a music technology startup aiming to bring fairness to real-world music usage, has closed a $1.1 million round of seed financingCincyTech led the round with participation from entertainment data and technology company Gracenote, Accelerant and angel investors. 

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Get Better Playlists, Easier 

Recent research shows how popular playlist listening has become to modern music fans; outpacing the album for the first time ever. And with the proliferation of digital music platforms, it’s easier than ever to compose your own playlists. 

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