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Allmusicrating Has Launched Its First Music Rating System Called EARs©

Tel-Aviv, IL April 13, 2017 - allmusicrating (2017) has launched this morning its first music rating system called EARs©. 

The Essential Album Rating System is an application and a database that measures the quality of music providing “True music ratings of individual tracks, complete albums, artists, and music of all genres”.

The company says that their system which is driven by a web based community of users, rates music in proportion to their TIME length where longer tracks of similar ranked music are rewarded with higher ratings that express their true value contribution to the album and to listeners.

“Music discovery services are now trying to suggest new bands and new music to listeners, but what is happening is that users are blasted with recommendations that are offering ‘more of the same” says Elias, the founder of EARs. “What we are trying to do is provide users with a service of making their own music selection’s, based on their own taste”.

The Essential Album Rating System EARs©, is described as a “fresh new concept for advanced users to maximize music exploration, by making better music selections”.

“The inability of the multibillion dollar music business to address this long awaited need to provide a standard, and a capability to evaluate and measure the quality of music, remains a mystery. We therefore believe that our new rating system will add significant value to the music fan, the music business, and to the serious music enthusiasts” says Elias.

To emphasize the need of this system Elias uses a quote from Peter Drucker:
“If you can’t Measure it, you cannot Manage It”.

It remains to see how the music business will respond to this initiative.


For more information, visit


Nissim Elias


About Nissim Elias

Nissim Elias is an entrepreneur with a great passion for music.
Some of his other projects include:

1. Music Rating Systems - Expanding Music Exploration (2016)
A Must Read eBook for “Power Listeners” available at

2. How to Fully Enjoy Listening to Music (2017), A fascinating practical book that presents a new approach on music exploration with easy-to-adopt original ideas and how to turn your everyday music session into a blast. The book will be available at the Fall of 2017.

3. RHM, Robotic-Human-massager (2006), a paramedical technology venture with a registered U.S. patent, targeting unanswered markets such as nursing, and wellbeing.

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Allmusicrating Has Launched Its First Music Rating System Called EARs©

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