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Vintage Music In The Digital Age - Collecting Your Favorites

Ever since you were a kid, you’ve collected records. Most of your collection is in the form of long playing records and the singles that you bought every time you could find one with a picture sleeve. As much as you love your collection, it would be nice to have digital copies you could take along on the go. The good news is that you can digitize your vintage music and listen to whatever you want whenever you want.

Using Converter Equipment and Software

Only a few years ago, purchasing a turntable that would allow you to make digital copies of your albums and singles was quite expensive. The software was somewhat complicated, an aspect that left you feeling a little overwhelmed. Now’s the time for you to take a second look at the turntable converters on the market today. Some of them will connect to your computer via a USB cable and the easy to use software will allow you to create individual mp3 files for every track. Others are self-contained units that copy the file onto a flash drive. Once the electronic copy is made, it’s easy enough to copy the file to your computer, and ultimately to your smartphone or your portable mp3 player.

Vinyl is not the only medium that can be converted. Remember that box of cassettes collecting dust in the attic? Invest in a cassette to mp3 converter and create files of those old mixed tapes as well as the commercial cassettes you purchased. Many of these devices can also double as a portable cassette player; all you need is ear buds and you can still use those cassettes when you like.

Investing in CDs

You do like the idea of having CDs on hand for some of your music. Some companies, like Pristine Sales, know how valuable CDs still are these days. It’s worth the time to find great deals on older releases. Even some that have been in print for years are now available again in this form. When you do shop for CDs online, find out if the seller offers a free mp3 download along with the physical CD. That lets you have access to digital files without having to rip the CD yourself.

After spending years building your music collection, why not ensure that you can take your favorites with you at all times? Digitizing your older albums and cassettes has never been easier or less expensive. Couple that with purchasing CDs that include a free digital download and you will have your music available in any format that you choose. Get started today and in a few months, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tunes whether you are taking the bus for a morning commute or spending a weekend in the mountains.

Vintage Music In The Digital Age - Collecting Your Favorites

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