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Why Musicians SHOULD Want To Earn As Much Money As Possible

Why Musicians SHOULD Want To Earn As Much Money As Possible

By Tom Hess

Do you believe that when you finally make money with music you’ll be all set? Wrong! Making some money through music is nice, but you won’t be able to really fulfill your potential until you make a lot of money in this business.

The following are some major reasons why YOU need to care about earning not just a little, but tons of money in music:


Musicians who are tons of money have infinitely more freedom.

Reality: having more money means having more freedom. Musicians who earn good money do not worry about making ends meet, getting paid on time or finding a better paying job. Without these stresses, it is infinitely easier to be creative and flourish in music (as well as life in general).

Having more money means having the power to go on tour when you want, make the best sounding record possible, hire great musicians for session work, make cool music videos and invest more overall time into your music career.

More opportunities are given to musicians who make tons of money.

It’s much more likely that you will take the right actions to help music companies earn more money when you already are doing it yourself. Helping others make money in the music business is crucial to increasing your amount of perceived value. When you already make a lot of money (and help others do it too), your perceived value skyrockets and you gain all kinds of opportunities to work with successful musicians, bands and companies.

Check this music industry article to learn how to make a lot of money in music.


About The Author:

Tom Hess is a recording artist, online guitar teacher and a music career mentor. Visit his musician development website to become a better musician, get free music industry advice, music career tips and professional music industry advice.

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