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Artists House Music

Check out this site for interviews with the top music industry professionals, musicians, administrators, and more. Great way to learn about the industry in the present and future. I'm doing producer work for this website this summer by interviewing a classical music symphony and its administration. Great learning tool. 

Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for the plug! We're also trying to build a community of educated, inspired musicians so that we can all support each other with our own unique places within the industry. Anyone who is interested, start by joining the Artists House blog here - - add yourself to the community map, tune into our live video chats (every wednesday at 6pm Central), check into the discussion boards, and let's build something!

Artists House does a pretty amazing job, agreed.

This will sound weird, but I actually wish they were LESS connected. For instance, Jimmy Iovine exists in a very rarified atmosphere of big-money deals that has 0% to do with my career. Although the video interviews are always a parade of eminent experts, it's also worth noting their entire system of expertise is increasingly obsolete. I'd like to see a lot more content from successful small labels and DIY entrepreneurs in the future.

April 2 | Unregistered CommenterJustin Boland

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