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5 Features Of A Great Electronic Press Kit

An essential resource material that every musician should take pride in developing is your EPK, electronic press kit. EPKs are like digital resumes or profiles that promoters and individuals within the music industry examine to gauge the level and desirability of artists. A well-prepared and effective EPK can provide you with numerous booking, broadcasting, and licensing opportunities.

Much like crafting a sound job resume, there are key features within an EPK that are instituted for the best results. Here is a list of five requirements that every musician must include to create a powerful electronic press kit.

1. The Bio

This is the place to tell that amazing story about how everything started in the garage.

The bio section of the EPK should provide a brief write-up that includes some background information like hobbies, hometown, musical influences, etc. This information is used to explain to industry professionals what outside forces had an impact on shaping your music. Make it truthful, make it fun and make it count.

2. The Photo(s)

An EPK without a photo is like a movie without a main character.

Promoters and decision makers need to put a face to your music. Adding photos from rehearsals, live performances, the road, or simple head shots are more than necessary.

Tip: Including video and social media links are also worthwhile. Doing so can help to differentiate your EPK from others of similar quality.

3. The Music

As Sonicbids simply puts it “let the music do the talking.” 

Uploading songs to your kit allows you to strategically select your best material and showcase your talent to the reviewer. Online services like ReverbNation and Sonicbids provide EPKs equipped with music streaming functionality. And the best part is that you don’t need to be a tech wizard to implement this feature.

Tip: Including the lyrics to the track also creates an added benefit to the listener.

Continue reading the final two features of a great EPK here:

Also, be sure to leave me some feedback in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.  

This post was contributed by Konnie Mack of | A Music and Tech blog providing news and tips for indie musicians, music lovers, techies and everyone who enjoys both.

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