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Innovation, Our New Job As The Music Industry

I released my first music video, “Rocket to the Moon” today. As a new artist with a low starting fanbase I understood I wouldn’t be able to get much press write up for my music video unless I presented something never seen before. So that’s what I did, I created “The World’s First Portrait Music Video”, and the press followed. It is our new job as the Music Industry to lead innovation.

If there is one post I see constantly on social media that I hate, it’s the “Musicians Excuse Meme” (as I have so aptly named it). You all know it, it’s the one about how music costs way more than a cup of coffee to make, and yet we choose to spend money on coffee.
The meme is a poor excuse to feel sorry for ourselves and beg for petty cash.

The truth is, the music industry has left behind the days of record sales. We’ve moved into a new era, an era of presenting people with something unique, different, and never before seen

This is our new job and if you do your job well, I promise you people will follow. 

What can you be the first leading innovator in? Or in the classic Disney/Pixar approach, what can you be the first great storyteller in?  

I’d be curious to know what you already have been a leading innovator in! Write your stories in the comments.


Taran Gray
(You can find “Rocket to the Moon” by Taran Gray on VEVO) 

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